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[Tag] 11 Questions/Answers for the Liebster Award

Another one of these things, because why not. Thanks go to Girl in Between for the tag! Rules: Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.Answer 11 questions given to you by the blogger.Nominate 11 more bloggers.Ask your nominees 11 questions too.Notify the selected nominees you chose after uploading your post, like… Continue reading [Tag] 11 Questions/Answers for the Liebster Award

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[Tag] Super Happy Love Award

The Super Happy Love Award... I remember being both intrigued and intimidated when I was nominated not once, but four times in the year 2020. Huh, that's not as long ago as I thought. Few people have as much super happy love in them as Pinkie from Pinkie's Paradise, the creator of the award, but… Continue reading [Tag] Super Happy Love Award

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Moya Answers an Overdue Tag Pt. N (for Neat)

Maybe award posts have lost their meaning because everyone spams their friends with them. Maybe they're frowned upon because they're not particularly original. How do you feel about award posts? I don't see them nearly as much as before, but I do like to read them. I tend to be more curious about the people… Continue reading Moya Answers an Overdue Tag Pt. N (for Neat)

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Jon’s Creator Showcase: August Edition

Welcome to the August Edition of the JCS 2021! For those who are new, this showcase features content from various creators around the web, summarized up here for your convenience and enjoyment. Submissions were accepted primarily via Twitter, and include content created during the month of July. A confession about this month's showcase: I was… Continue reading Jon’s Creator Showcase: August Edition

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Jon’s Creator Showcase: July Post Submissions Open

Hello, hello. (Recently came to the horrific realization that the Ex-Arm opening plays in my head whenever I say it, who can I blame for this!?) Been a while. I'm still busy as heck, but I'm glad to be hosting the beloved JCS this month. I totally didn't almost forget about it until today. Of… Continue reading Jon’s Creator Showcase: July Post Submissions Open

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Controversed Showcase: 2020 November

Welcome to the end-of-the-month showcase of all the posts written for the Controversed writing workshop! Thank you to everyone who joined me in "Controversing" by creating your own posts in response to each week's theme, as well as everyone who made the workshop a more welcoming place by dropping by with your comments. A Brief… Continue reading Controversed Showcase: 2020 November

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[Controversed] Week 4: Managing Criticism

If you have been following the Controversed project since the start of the month, thank you (!!), and congratulations for making it to the final week! For those who are new to this, congratulations for joining just at the right time to welcome a very special first-time guest on this blog, Irina from I Drink… Continue reading [Controversed] Week 4: Managing Criticism

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Mystery Blogger Award (x 3)

Considering the content I write and the IRL tidbits that I Tweet, I'm pretty sure there's not much left about me that remains in mystery. But before we get to the mysterious nominees whom I'm curious about, here we go anyway about myself based on YahariBento, Matt-in-the-Hat, and Emiko's questions (thank you!). Rules Display the… Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award (x 3)


500 Follower Appreciation Post + Random Anime Reveal

I thought I timed it so that 500 followers and the blog's third anniversary should happen at about the same time, but looks like we hit the milestone early. Well, you people really rock! I'm still a bit jet-lagged as I write this, so please pardon any less coherent bits. Starting this blog might be… Continue reading 500 Follower Appreciation Post + Random Anime Reveal


Accepting Random Anime Recommendations

A big thank you to all who contributed ideas in the last post for my 500 follower celebration. After looking at everyone's ideas, I chose Aria's comment as the winning suggestion (but will combine a few other ideas with this): Maybe take recommendations from your followers (anime-only if you want to stick to your theme,… Continue reading Accepting Random Anime Recommendations