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5 Anime Encapsulated by Kate Bush Songs

There are people who got into Kate Bush because of Stranger Things, and there are people who got into Stranger Things because of Kate Bush. The latter will be me...probably. Still have to actually get to it, but from what I've heard, it's a show that I could enjoy. Admittedly, although I've known of Kate… Continue reading 5 Anime Encapsulated by Kate Bush Songs

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Jon’s Creator Showcase: August Edition

Welcome to the August Edition of the JCS 2021! For those who are new, this showcase features content from various creators around the web, summarized up here for your convenience and enjoyment. Submissions were accepted primarily via Twitter, and include content created during the month of July. A confession about this month's showcase: I was… Continue reading Jon’s Creator Showcase: August Edition

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The Struggle of (Not) Having Thoughts on Anime

Do you ever just forget that you have a blog? That's what happened to me...until I checked my blog email the other day and found a surprisingly recent request for my response on a certain question. It was such an interesting prompt that I decided to write a whole post on it. If you're reading… Continue reading The Struggle of (Not) Having Thoughts on Anime


Towering Genius: the Creation and Judgment of a Dessert Frankenstein

You might be a little baffled by this totally extra title, or perhaps you're already so used to my content that you didn't stop to wonder why I didn't even bother using an anime GIF to justify this post's occurrence. But dear readers, I have something sweet for you... Imagine that you ran into your… Continue reading Towering Genius: the Creation and Judgment of a Dessert Frankenstein


Moya’s Random Weekend at the Movies

Let's face it, when I'm not posting episodic reviews, my blog is already a roulette of unpatterned content. But today, I have something deliberately, meticulously random for you...and it's not about anime (for the most part). You see, I don't actually watch all that many non-anime movies or TV shows. Actually, I haven't actually seen… Continue reading Moya’s Random Weekend at the Movies

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Controversed Showcase: 2020 November

Welcome to the end-of-the-month showcase of all the posts written for the Controversed writing workshop! Thank you to everyone who joined me in "Controversing" by creating your own posts in response to each week's theme, as well as everyone who made the workshop a more welcoming place by dropping by with your comments. A Brief… Continue reading Controversed Showcase: 2020 November

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[Controversed] Week 4: Managing Criticism

If you have been following the Controversed project since the start of the month, thank you (!!), and congratulations for making it to the final week! For those who are new to this, congratulations for joining just at the right time to welcome a very special first-time guest on this blog, Irina from I Drink… Continue reading [Controversed] Week 4: Managing Criticism


Announcing Controversed: A November Workshop

Elections, daylight saving hours, Uzaki-chan figurines! A million controversies pervade us through the internet, but being kind and civil bloggers with a limited tolerance for unproductive arguments, most of us don't go around poking the bears. Still, I know there are lots of things that people want to talk about despite their reservations, and I… Continue reading Announcing Controversed: A November Workshop