A Tribute to Kalafina

As some of you might know, Kalafina is my favourite band, and has been for many years now. I hate to be the bringer of sad news if you don't know about it already, but Yuki Kajiura has already resigned her position as Kalafina's composer not too long ago, and it has recently been announced …

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A Trashy Satire Involving a Snob, Yandere, Hairdresser, and Vampire (Full Version)

So Angelica tagged me for a super fun tag challenge where you get to play MASH and decide your life story in an alternative dimension (see my last post). Here's what I got: Genre: satire Love interest: emo hairdresser Setting: a random high school Transportation: shopping cart Best friend: a yandere Villain: ancient vampire Pet: …

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3 Days, 3 Quotes: The Quote that Tricked Me into Taking Chemistry (Day 2)

Once again, thanks to Angelica for tagging me for this exciting little challenge! Rules • Thank the person who nominated you. • Post a quote for 3 consecutive days (1 quote for each day, can be a super short post). • Nominate three new bloggers each day. Today's Quote: "Humankind cannot gain anything without first …

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Continue, Don’t Quit : You Are Not in This Alone

I know this has been reblogged in the community a lot already, but bear with me – this is an important post. Not going to say too much here, since Auri says it better. But I’m here too, if anyone wants to chat about anything.
I am fortunate enough to not have experienced the death of a close friend, but I know I’d be devastated if it ever happens. Death hurts, and there’s nothing I fear more than losing someone to it.
I once tried contacting a counsellor through the Internet to talk about life during high school, but was put off by the professional way in which she asked me to book an appointment. It doesn’t matter how well I know you or if I know you at all, and it doesn’t matter how great or how inconsequential you think your problem is; you can easily shoot me an email by clicking on my contact page. I’ve heard that my avatar’s creepy, but trust me, I’m a nice person…

Manga Toritsukareru Koto

Some days, as you wake up, you wonder what the point of this is. This whole talking, eating, sleeping.

This living.

What was the point of it, when you felt like you were watching another person’s life and yet felt so much pain? As if you weren’t meant to exist? As if… anything you touched became a disaster?
Was there even a point to begin with?

Every day, you have a heavy secret in your heart. One that grows heavier with every person you don’t tell it to. That weighs you down more and more as you think it but don’t say it out loud.
Until it gets so heavy, so LOUD, that you can’t believe that it’s only three words. Three simple words to think, but three very difficult words to feel.
And so, again and again, you think it, but you don’t speak it. You can’t say it.

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Can We Have a Peer Editing Twitter Group Chat?

So some of you may recall me asking for readers for some articles I'm writing in my last post. I am very grateful for the large amount of kind people who volunteered to participate. My friend Perlem suggested that we could potentially create a sort of peer editing network, possibly through Twitter, as a place …

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Twitter! First Contact with Alien Social Media Platform

So I realized that I have a Twitter account! It seems like many bloggers use Twitter, so I thought I'd try doing something with it too. But no guarantees that my interest in it would last... the whole system just confuses me right now. As you can probably guess, Moya is really clueless about social …

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