Colour-Coded Kalafina: Yellow

A list of songs that feel "yellow" to give you a dose of hope in life. The previous song recommendations: Colour-Coded Kalafina: Red Colour-Coded Kalafina: Blue Cream Yellow Light, gentle, bright. "Alleluia" (2013) Associated work: Kara no Kyoukai/Garden of Sinners Colour justification: The tone, accompaniment, and everything feel very iyashikei. Highlight: [3:21-3:42] "こんな小さな君の手を取って/いたいほどかがやきがあって" (As I …

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Colour-Coded Kalafina: Red

As I promised in my Tribute to Kalafina post, I'd be doing Kalafina song recommendations (5 posts, hopefully?). I've decided to categorize my recommendation posts based on colours. I know that Kalafina did already assign colours to certain songs in their The Best Red/Blue albums, but I don't agree with many of those colour assignments …

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