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[Highlights] Piano no Mori 06: Forest’s Edge

Kai’s career as a pianist is about to kick off. He surprised me by choosing to stay in his home, Forest’s Edge.

piano 6.1 burning

  • The piano gets struck by lightening. Interesting how the random Forest Edge girl cares more about the piano than Kai, who forgets about the piano until he sees it burning. Perhaps it symbolizes that from now on, it’s effort rather than giftedness that Kai must rely on?

piano 6.2 perfection

  • Shuuhei: perfection = following directions. But does the sheet music have enough for you to follow? Do different styles come from deviating from the sheet music to varying extents and at various points? It’s something I’ve always been curious about. Can two people interpret allegro con fuoco differently while still following the sheet music perfectly? According to Shuuhei, the answer is no, because there is a standardized definition of “perfection” that comes from a “correct” reading of sheet music. Is “beyond perfect” really all about an abstract feeling that can’t be concretely described, like “Kai put his soul into playing piano”? (Pardon my confused rant)

piano 6.3 public performance

  • Kai finds the feeling through Dvorak.
  • Since when can he sight-read like a pro?

piano 6.4 shuuhei wins

  • Meanwhile, Shuuhei is going abroad. The idea of competing with Kai has never left his mind.
  • Aww…no more Takako?

piano 6.5 transparent

  • Kai is able to examine his truest wish through a transparent piano – an object that is definitely meant to be symbolically significant. As the performer of a transparent piano, is his inner self also becoming visible others? Maybe that’s how he touches people with his playing.
  • I can’t say I like this arrangement of Dvorak Symphony no. 9 – 4th movement. I feel like the piano just isn’t powerful enough to be at the center of this blasting piece. I’m sure it was fun to play for Kai though.

piano 6.6 freedom

  • Very interesting thing to say. Kai seems to like the idea of “choice” and “freedom” a lot. I like my woke protagonists, but this felt kind of unnatural.

piano 6.7 duty

  • Great people dream big. We get a glimpse of the Forest’s Edge life in this episode, and any more than that might be overdoing it, with how this anime goes about doing things. Kai’s wish came across as something unexpected.
  • While Shuuhei chooses to go abroad, Kai is determined to stay rooted in Forest’s Edge. I think I like where this is going – they get a chance to encounter different things and develop as pianists differently.

Overall, an alright episode.

8 thoughts on “[Highlights] Piano no Mori 06: Forest’s Edge

  1. That’s a good review. Major props to them referencing Dvorak. Also, thanks for checking out some of my latest reviews. I didn’t have any anime reviews for this week, but I appreciate you viewing them.

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