Accepting Random Anime Recommendations

A big thank you to all who contributed ideas in the last post for my 500 follower celebration. After looking at everyone’s ideas, I chose Aria‘s comment as the winning suggestion (but will combine a few other ideas with this):

Maybe take recommendations from your followers (anime-only if you want to stick to your theme, or anything if you’re game for it), grab a random number generator and watch what you’re dealt…it’ll be interesting!

You may not know this before, but I have an unhealthy obsession with Google’s random number generator. I use it to decide what exercise to do each day, what to cook/bake, when to write a post and what to write, even which friend to hang out with sometimes. I have an elaborate system for these things… So it’s not like I don’t already use the random number generator to decide on what anime I watch, but wouldn’t it be fun if others do the recommending?

Here’s how it’s gonna go: suggest me an anime title and I will review it episodically (under 24 episodes) or write a posts on it as a whole after finishing ( over 24 episodes). *If you specify that the anime you suggest is your favourite, I will count it as 2 entries when I do the random number generating. I love judging getting to know people based on their favourites!

In addition, since a few of you have reached out for a collab in the recent past, feel free to specify in your comment if you’re interested in collaborating with me on reviewing the series if it wins!

I won’t give you a list of what I have and haven’t seen because my record-keeping isn’t great, but if I’ve seen it already, I’m happy to do a re-watch. I will also say here that I generally have little patience for gratuitous fan-service and anything too aggressively shounen, but do what you wish with this information. You may choose to torture me.

It’s all good


The second-most popular celebration option was a Q&A, but you know, my blog doesn’t have much of a story and I can’t imagine anyone aspiring to be the kind of blogger I am (easy, you just have to post at the frequency of lunar eclipses), so it’s not exactly worth putting out an entire post on. If you’re curious about me, I probably exposed myself too freely in any award/tag post. That being said, if you’re dying to ask me a question, you can still ask me anything and I will answer it in my next post regarding this milestone.

Thanks again for all your lovely support, and I look forward to watching whatever you have in store for me! Tell me what I should watch here in the comment section or on Twitter!

29 thoughts on “Accepting Random Anime Recommendations

  1. Hope you don’t mind me randomly popping in to drop an anime recommendation (xD) but yeah no, I shall put forth “Mawaru Penguindrum” in the hopes that you haven’t watched it yet. I’d say it’s an early favorite of mine so yeah 😀

    And, well, this is for a separate post altogether, but all the same, safe travels Moya!

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    1. There is no post under which Leap-senpai isn’t welcome! I have in fact watched it, but this is the second time it’s been recommended for this watch and I’ll gladly re-watch it if it wins!

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  2. None of these suggestions are my favorites, but I think they’re interesting titles that I recall fondly. I’d say either Alice to Zouroku or Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen. Looking forward to seeing what the results are!

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  3. Cool idea!

    ‘Arte’ was something that I think was a little overlooked this season – it’s short and at times really sweet, but also the historical setting of Florence and Venice was a real draw for me 🙂

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  4. Kino’s Journey: The Beautiful World. There’s the 2003 version followed up by several individual OVAs over the next few years. Then there is the 2017 reboot. It makes me wish I still had my old motorrad and caused the wanderlust to bubble up in my soul.

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  5. I will never not recommend “A Place Further Than the Universe”. It’s still one of the most stunning anime I’ve ever seen. I don’t know that I’m interested in a collaboration, but feel free to quote from my weekly reviews.

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    1. Thank you! I have stopped taking in new anime recommendations for that project, but I’ve heard plenty of praise for Resonance in Terror and will keep it in mind.


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