Jon’s Creator Showcase: July Edition

I'm very pleased to be back from my hiatus (for a day) with plenty of wonderful posts written by fellow bloggers in the month of June! In case you don't know about the showcase, here's a list of its objectives from Jon's website: Give exposure to both the host & creators who submit content to …

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Introducing a Blogger Friend

I keep saying I'm going to be gone for the month, but before that...I would like to introduce to you a new blogger! Kyrios is a friend of mine in real life who has recently started blogging about anime and movies (and video games in the future) on WordPress. Fun fact: our mutual interest in …

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To Anyone with a Blog: Can We Chat About Community?

Lots of people have blogged about how great it is to be a part of the aniblogging community (or whichever corner of WordPress you belong to), and many more have talked about how friendship and support from people they have never met has affected their lives positively. I am one who feels this way too …

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