Juuni Taisen: Satire or Joke?

So what distinguishes between a show that's a satire and one that only deserves to be laughed at as a bad joke? It all really comes down to intention. Was Juuni Taisen purposely full of ironic flaws for us to spot and reflect on, or were certain parts just accidentally kind of bad?

Do Spoilers Matter?

When I was 9, I was taught an important lesson when I inadvertently spoiled Death Note for my mom (I have a cool mom who reads manga). My mom didn’t let me read her manga at the time because I was too young, so I picked up the next volume of the manga that she borrowed and started reading the back of it. I only uttered the phrase “After L dies…” when my mom dropped her book, stared at me in shock, and proceeded to give me an emotional lecture, at the end of which I promised never to spoil anything again. My mom was…quite the L fan.