Hello ~

Welcome to the moya-moya moratorium; feel free to stay for a while.

The blog is called what it’s called because the feeling “moya-moya” seems to go hand-in-hand with moratoriums. I came across the term “moratorium” back in IB psych class, where it was used specifically in the context of an adolescent’s questioning of their own identity before adulthood. As for “moya-moya” (もやもや), it’s a fun Japanese word meaning something along the lines of “hazy”, “fuzzy”, or “gloomy”. It’s pretty appropriate for what this blog is about too, considering how much anime loves coming-of-age stories.

I am no longer an adolescent (still salty about that), but having named myself “moyatori” (more because names are sadly limited when you’re using a free WordPress domain), I admit that an existential crisis is still going on. Well, that and the fact that Moyatori sounds like a pleasant little bird (`Θ´). You can call me Moya, by the way~

I got my BA in English literature last year and am now starting out as a socially awkward library worker.

To keep up with my blog posts, baking, and weird dream Tweets, follow me on Twitter!

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