Hi there~

Welcome to the moya-moya moratorium; feel free to stay for a while.

The feeling “moya-moya” seems to go hand-in-hand with a certain stage in developmental psychology, characterized by an identity crisis that Erik Erikson called a “moratorium.” As for “moya-moya” (もやもや), it’s a fun Japanese word meaning something along the lines of “hazy”, “fuzzy”, or “gloomy”.

If you wonder whether “moyatori” or “The Moyatorium” came first, the answer is the latter. “Moyatori” just sounded like the name of a pleasant little bird (`Θ´). Feel free to call me Moya!

About me, I am a she/her. I got my BA in English literature in 2019 and am currently a socially awkward library worker and freelance academic translator (Chinese-English). Going back to school for an MLIS in September.

To keep up with my blog posts, stress-baking, and weird dream Tweets, follow me on Twitter!

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