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Yes, Moya is responding to another old tag, but why shouldn't I? In this age of half-hearted live action adaptations of animated pieces, whether there are books/movies that can benefit from the anime treatment is an interesting question. This tag was created by Average Joe Reviews, and Lynn from The Otaku Author was the one… Continue reading [Tag] Make it Anime

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Seasonal Anime Advisory (Spring 2022)

Are you a little behind on seasonals? Or are you the type to wait until the end of a season to binge a show in one sitting, preferably after reviews prove that the experience will be worth it? Aren't there always a few too many anime in a season (those poor animators!)? Well fear not,… Continue reading Seasonal Anime Advisory (Spring 2022)

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[Highlights] Kino’s Journey Ep. 12 (A Peaceful Land)

Back again with another procrasti-post! This episode really isn't one of the series' strongest. It feels kind of wrong that it's the penultimate episode in the series, when the episode prior to it could probably lead into the finale more nicely. It's called the "Land of Peace," but wait, there are tanks and statues of… Continue reading [Highlights] Kino’s Journey Ep. 12 (A Peaceful Land)

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[Highlights] Kino’s Journey Ep. 11 (Her Journey)

Oh look, it's been so long since the last time I drafted a post that Funimation and Crunchyroll have fused and Kino's Journey has long left both of them anyway, so I had to get HIDIVE. I thought I could finish watching and writing about a mere 3 episodes within the 14 day free trial… Continue reading [Highlights] Kino’s Journey Ep. 11 (Her Journey)


Moya Answers an Overdue Tag Pt. N (for Neat)

Maybe award posts have lost their meaning because everyone spams their friends with them. Maybe they're frowned upon because they're not particularly original. How do you feel about award posts? I don't see them nearly as much as before, but I do like to read them. I tend to be more curious about the people… Continue reading Moya Answers an Overdue Tag Pt. N (for Neat)

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[Highlights] Kino’s Journey Ep. 10 (A Tale of Mechanical Dolls)

Kino's Journey is back! I'd say "I'm back," but I'm not sure I really am...yet. This episode is one that focuses on few characters instead of a country, as is reflected in its title. This was also the case in "The Tale of Feeding off Others" and "Land of Wizards." I don't know if I… Continue reading [Highlights] Kino’s Journey Ep. 10 (A Tale of Mechanical Dolls)

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Jon’s Creator Showcase: August Edition

Welcome to the August Edition of the JCS 2021! For those who are new, this showcase features content from various creators around the web, summarized up here for your convenience and enjoyment. Submissions were accepted primarily via Twitter, and include content created during the month of July. A confession about this month's showcase: I was… Continue reading Jon’s Creator Showcase: August Edition