Where are the Kalafina Members Now?

Kalafina was the only band that I’ve ever actively kept up with, and the main content on this blog used to be Kalafina translyrics. So, for the handful of people who might still care, what are Kalafina’s members up to after the band disbanded in early 2019?

If you need a refresher on what they sound like or want to read up on Kalafina, you can check out A Tribute to Kalafina, or any of the many Kalafina posts I’ve written.

I keep up with all of them to some degree on Twitter, though admittedly without the same fervour as before, so I might be able to give you some summaries. The good thing: they all still sing!

Left to right: Wakana, Hikaru, Keiko


Twitter: @Wakana1210staff

My soprano bias Wakana was the first to return to the music scene, with the single “Toki wo Koeru Yoru ni,” for which she wrote the lyrics. I think she’s the member who has preserved the most of Kajiura/Kalafina’s music style in her solo debut, with the series of slow, melodious ballads that she’s been doing. Recently, Wakana has also been covering anime classics.

My favourite post-Kalafina Wakana song:

I said up front that Wakana is my fave, but I don’t know if I’m feeling optimistic about her. Perhaps due to her choice of music style, people are inevitably going to compare her new songs with the old Kalafina, and if you make that comparison, her voice sounds kind of lonely.

I don’t want to spread distasteful rumours about my favourite band, but it’s hard not to notice how the other ex-members, Keiko and Hikaru, are still in touch, but Wakana alone seems to have cut ties with everybody. Even Yuki Kajiura still shares Keiko and Hikaru’s updates on her Twitter account, but as far as I know, she isn’t even following Wakana. I don’t know what happened there, but my best guess is that hearing them sing together again would be rather impossible…


Twitter: @Hikaru_0702_

Hikaru now has a new stage name – “H-el-ical///”! Not a fan of the punctuation, but still, glad to see her off to a strong start in the anisong scene. She landed an anime opening right off the bat – the opening for Gleipner.

That one bit in this opening’s animation is totally inspired by Fate/Zero‘s OP2 “to the beginning,” right? Don’t tell me I’m the only one who thought that.

To quote Leap250, Hikaru’s voice has always been the most “anisong” of the Kalafina members, so although I find this opening a bit generic, her capitalizing on the edgy, powerful quality of her voice feels right. Hopefully, we’ll be getting songs that really help her voice shine. I don’t want to keep comparing everything to Kalafina, but something with the wow factor of “Magia“?

Following Hikaru after Kalafina has also been the most interesting, because she actually uses a personal Twitter account (and often tweets in English!). I adore her wholesome selfies and evidence of her being an unabashed Fate fan.


Twitter: @KeikoStaff

Keiko took a slightly longer break than the others, and only came back this April with the solo “Inochi no Hana,” lyrics written by herself. Keiko’s undoubtedly the one whose singing style has undergone the greatest transformation. She was such a power alto before, but as a solo vocalist, her style is sweet and soothing. Perhaps Keiko had wanted to sing these kinds of songs all along?

Okay, this woman is gorgeous!! And I guess we know who inherited Kalafina’s later fashion?

My favourite Kajiura-era Keiko solo song is “Kaze no Machi e,” and where she is going now reminds me of that a little. Looking forward to hearing more!

Also, may I bring your attention to this soul-healing song:

I have never seen Keiko so expressive in her Kalafina days!

Miscellaneous Thoughts

Perhaps we’ll have a chance to see Keiko and Hikaru collaborate in the future, as both have expressed a desire to do so! I love all three of them very much, and it’s a pleasure to still be able to follow their works as they expand in different directions.

Maybe my passion for Kalafina’s music is dwindling too, not just because they’re no longer a unit, but because my own taste in music has been diversifying. Still, Kalafina will always have a special place in my heart, and I am never changing that laptop lock-screen.

Is anyone else still following the Kalafina members? Belated thoughts on their disbandment? I can talk about Kalafina all day, you know, so feel free to drop a comment and get cozy!


27 thoughts on “Where are the Kalafina Members Now?

    1. In my opinion, It’s possible for us to see all three of them making a comeback because if what we’re speculating about Wakana and others situation to be true then I don’t think she would sing any song from Kalafina’s album anymore. As far as I know, she does cover many of Kalafina songs during her live. I mean if that gives her unpleasant memories then why would she sings those songs more? Right?

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      1. I really don’t know enough to address this issue – as you mentioned, anything we can say is speculation. Whatever the case, I think it’s inevitable that ex-members of Kalafina continue to cover Kalafina songs. After all, it’s where their popularity came from, and likely how most of their fans found them. A comeback would be nice, of course!


  1. Wakana seemingly being cut off from not only both Keiko and Hikaru but also Kajiura Yuki is interesting. I mean, as far as I know Wakana was carryover from FictionJunction Kajiura’s earlier project, so I’ve always kinda figured she was one of if not Kajiura’s favorite singers to work with.

    I don’t want to read too much into their whole situation either without knowing more about it, but if anything it really does seem that they had a massive falling out. Whatever it may be, I do with they bury the hatchet in the future, as I too would like to see them performer together before they all call it quits.

    That being said, I’m happy to see that all three of them are active and doing their own thing, and I look forward to hearing more of their work. Hikaru more so, Haha!

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    1. I know, it really perplexes me. Now that you mention FictionJunction, I do wonder how that’s going. I haven’t really been following FictionJunction, but it doesn’t seem like they’re all that active now, yet there’s been no announcement of a disbandment?

      Yes, same. The three of them are each trying really hard in their own ways, and I look forward to where their drives take them.

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      1. It really does seem like FictionJunction kinda fell by the wayside once Kalafina started to take off, and my best guess as to what happened in regard to that is that Kajiura didn’t have time to oversee both projects at the same time. But yeah, as far as I know FictionJunction didn’t really disband, so maybe Kajiura’s just leaving the door open in the hopes that she can start up that venture again?

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  2. I am not going to lie to you; I only know anything about Kalafina because of Black Butler (!!!!I LOVE IT!!!!!), but from what I heard, they sounded FANTASTIC, and I did wonder what happened to them, so thanks for sharing this update!

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    1. I remember one of my earliest impressions of you being your cover of one of the Black Butler EDs, hehe. You’re an amazing singer! Glad you enjoyed the little update. 😊

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  3. Apologies for the lateness of this comment – and thank you for the update! I am (or was, I suppose) a huge Kalafina fan (I especially loved their first two albums), but am no longer on most social media platforms and don’t really have time to check for updates of this kind myself, so it’s wonderful to know the members are all still active in the industry.

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  4. I’m kinda sad to see them not be around for all of these new Fate animes and movie given how amazing the OSTs from zero and stay night were. I want another to the beginning haha

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    1. Oh, “to the beginning” is quite possibly my favourite Kalafina song! I do share your sentiment when seeing the new Fate series come out. That being said, Aimer has done an awesome job in collaboration with Yuki Kajiura on the Heaven’s Feel EDs, and I’m happy for the birth of this combo as well.


  5. I thought, when Kalafina disbanded they would all continue to carry out their usual activities, I didn’t think that Wakana would also cut off contact with Kajiura. but if that was their decision, I could only wish both Wakana and Kajiura-sama all the best. deservedly, when I saw Reprise Studio and FictionJunction Station Fan Club Talk & Live concert there was no Wakana at all. although I still want to hear them all sing together again, be it Keiko, HIkaru, Wakana, and Kajiura-sama.

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    1. I agree. Whatever the cause, at least they’re all still pursuing music, and I respect that. Though the chance is slim, a future collaboration with all of them would truly be incredible.

      Thank you for stopping by!


  6. LOVED THIS ARTICLE, Thanks so much for writing all the detail, and I wasn’t aware of Wakana’s solo career being this amazing, now I’m a big fan, especially her debut song you share here.

    Kajiura is still doing amazing with her career and even tho it’s not Kalafina, I’m very glad she is active and givving way to other artists too, Aimer and Lisa combo are also amazing, I Beg You and Oblivious might as well be my all time favourite from Kajiura. Fate/Madoka/Kara no Kyoukai, would have never been the same grandness if not for Kalfina and thier awesome composer.

    I’m just hopeful we will get some surprise song from either Fiction Junction or Keiko and Hikaru (Wakana too if it’s not much I wish for) for the coming Madoka Movie… This is all I hope for. and deeply appreciate the effort, the beauty and the voice all these girls put in creating such amazing music for us.

    Always in my heart, Kalafina. thanks so much dear Kajiura. you all deserve the very best!

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    1. Thank you so much for the comment, Rawa Rauf! Glad I was able to help out a fellow Wakana fan.

      I do love the Kajiura x Aimer combination, which might not have been possible if Kalafina was still around (at least as far as the Heaven’s Feel movies go; I feel like it would definitely have been a Kalafina thing). Such a bittersweet outcome.

      Thanks for reminding me to look forward to the new Madoka movie! I’m not too optimistic about ex-Kalafina members taking part, but you never know! I have high hopes for whoever’s carrying on that legacy.


  7. Do you know or you think you know why Wakana isn’t even with FictionJunction anymore? Do you think she isn’t in good terms with everybody anymore? I don’t like the idea of sweet and kind Wakana having bad blood with everyone, seems out of character for her to do that.

    I still don’t have a definitive answer about her relation with others. It saddens me to see my favorite Japanese singer Wakana like this.

    As far as I know even Hikaru joined FictionJunction concert, but not Wakana.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t want to give you an uninformed answer, especially as I have not been keeping up with the ex-Kalafina members recently. I can only say I wish the best to every one of them.


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