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Jon’s Creator Showcase: July Post Submissions Open

Hello, hello. (Recently came to the horrific realization that the Ex-Arm opening plays in my head whenever I say it, who can I blame for this!?)

Been a while. I’m still busy as heck, but I’m glad to be hosting the beloved JCS this month. I totally didn’t almost forget about it until today. Of course not!


The JCS was established by Jon Spencer, and you can find all the information you need on Jon’s page. The showcase is hosted on a different blog each month. For your reference, here’s an excellent example published by Art of Anime just a few days ago!

Did you create something (anything, e.g. blog post, video, fiction, poetry, artwork) in the month of July, 2021?ย If so, feel free to submit your favourite work to me!

jon's creator showcase

What You Need:

  • You’ll find this post on my Twitter account. Comment a link to your work under it, and try to tag around 3 people who may also have awesome work to share. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #TheJCS!
  • If you don’t have Twitter, fear not. Simply leave a link to your work as a comment to this post on WordPress, or email me: (Don’t worry about tagging people.)

Note: this is not limited to bloggers, but to anyone at all who identifies to any extent as a creator. Analytical and non-fiction pieces welcome.

Looking forward to reading your submissions!

And for the handful of you who might wonder about what’s happening to this blog, there might just be a little something coming up soon. But I’m afraid Kino’s Journey is turning into another 1 year + review series at this rate. I love it, I want to finish it, but I know I can only do so many things at once without burning out. I love blogging enough to take generous breaks from it, as you might know if you’ve followed this blog long enough to remember about it. Until then, expect me to keep lurking around!

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