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Mystery Blogger Award (x 3)

Considering the content I write and the IRL tidbits that I Tweet, I’m pretty sure there’s not much left about me that remains in mystery. But before we get to the mysterious nominees whom I’m curious about, here we go anyway about myself based on YahariBento, Matt-in-the-Hat, and Emiko‘s questions (thank you!).


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  • Mention Okoto Enigma, the creator of the award.
  • Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.
  • Answer 5 questions from the nominee.
  • Nominate 10 – 20 bloggers.
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  • Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice, including 1 weird or funny question.
  • Share the link to your best post.

3 Things About Myself

  1. I like origami but can only make 3 things: cranes, ninja stars, and garbage boxes.
  2. The area from my right ear to right shoulder is very ticklish, so I hate it when someone whispers into that ear or taps that shoulder without warning. When I listen to music with one earbud, it is always with the left ear.
  3. I once memorized over 200 digits of pi over a weekend to win a pie on Pi Day, to the melody of this Miku song. (And then it turned out that they were giving away whole pies at 40 digits, grrr…)

Bento’s Questions

  1. If you are using this, are you used to using this mask yet or is it difficult to breath?

Difficult to breathe only when doing vigorous cardio with them on, which for me means running for the bus. Otherwise, they’re not horribly unbearable.

2. The color of the mask you like.

Black, though my own are the generic white/turquoise disposable ones.

3. The character(s) in anime/manga/LN/game who you want to see her/him wearing the mask is…

Florence Nightingale from FGO, because I’m an accidental Nightingale stan and because it would work.

4. If you will think about an anime character who you ever saw her/him are sick in the bed, that person is…

Which anime character do I associate with sickbeds and like for the fact that they’re sick? An odd question that forces me to admit that I have a thing for illness as a narrative device, and therefore have a number of candidates. Going with Reinhard von Lohengramm from Legend of the Galactic Heroes, whose illness plays a rather significant and symbolic role later in the series.

5. The first person you want her/him to use this.

Everyone I care about uses one already, so anyone who isn’t using it where/when they should, I guess?

Matt’s Questions

  1. Do you watch anime in the day or night time?

Both, but I prefer it at night.

2. What fictional item would want to have in real-life (it can be from anime, manga, video game or movie)?

Doraemon’s Dokodemo Door (“Anywhere Door”), which opens to anywhere within 10 light years. Useful, as someone who’d like to travel between countries regularly.

3. What is one anime that you think it is overrated or too mainstreamed?

Demon Slayer.

4. Similar to question 3, what anime do you think is underrated or it doesn’t get a lot of attention.

The Story of Perrine. Stop calling it “that troll OP” in AMQ!

5. If you had the money and power to make any manga or light novel into anime, which series would you like to see?

Hmm, I feel like Witch Hat Atelier might eventually get an anime, so let’s go with A Bride’s Story (Otoyomegatari). Let me fangirl over the elaborate clothes in colour.

Emiko’s Questions

  1. Which will you choose: Winded or not winded?

Not sure what’s going on, but winded.

2. Which of the posts from your blog was the most difficult/challenging to write?

I can’t think of anything particularly challenging, since the ones I’m actually stuck on are still in the drafts. I suppose I’ll link [OST Spotlight] In This Corner of the World: Healing with “Migite no Uta”. In terms of recent posts, this one took a bit more poking around the internet than usual, but in general, my posts are much more low-effort than that of my many amazing peers who dedicate themselves to impeccable screenshotting, researching, and graphic-designing on a regular basis.

3. What are three series (anime/TV shows) that most people have seen but you have not?

One Piece, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and My Hero Academia, just to name a few.

4. Your favourite top 5 authors/mangaka? (Feel free to give me some recommendations of your favourite reads.)

Going with mangaka, and will list the works I read and found most memorable.

  • Rumiko Takahashi (Inuyasha, Mermaid Forest)
  • Inio Asano (Good Night Pun Pun, Solanin, A Girl on the Shore)
  • Nishioka Kyoudai (God’s Child, Journey to the End of the World, The Dream the Dead Me Dreamt)
  • Kiyohiko Azuma (Yotsuba &!)
  • Osamu Tezuka (Ode to Kirihito, Buddha)

5. Your favourite mascot character (anime/manga/video games/movies/ TV shows) and why?

Jaken from Inuyasha, Yoda’s weaker and louder cousin. He does count as a mascot, right?

My Best Post

There are far more posts that I’m embarrassed at than proud of, and I’m pretty sure I’ll cringe at a few of my current favourites given another year. This is called growth, right??

To date, my translation of the original Mulan ballad is still one of my most-visited posts, especially now that the Mulan movie is out. I’m pretty proud of it as a product of procrastination from other stuff: Ballad of Mulan: Translation and Interpretation.

Award Nominees

10 people who are probably more mysterious than me (because of your blogging persona or because I haven’t gotten to know you too well and would love to):

I’ll be happy if you answer my very random questions, but it’s cool if you’ve got other things going on or if award tags don’t fit the style of your blog.

My Questions

  1. What colour of clothing do you wear the most?
  2. What’s your opinion on dessert pizza?
  3. What’s your favourite mountain (even if you never thought about it, try choosing one! I like mountains these days…)?
  4. Are you good at navigating to places, or are you a little directionally challenged?
  5. You’re in great debt to the mafia and they’re chopping off one of your fingers on each hand (the same finger on each). Which finger would you rather lose?

Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a great day. A side note: as I’m sure many of you would understand, WordPress isn’t working too well for me right now, and liking/commenting/following has been a little problematic. As such, publishing this post was also something of a struggle. If any links are broken or if you spot any missing parts, do let me know!


26 thoughts on “Mystery Blogger Award (x 3)

  1. Thanks for the nomination Moya, I’m honored to be of the select few considered a “Mystery blogger” in your eyes. I actually really love your choice of questions and can’t wait to answer em on my blog, see you there! Also I’m glad you cleared up the whole WordPress having liking/commenting issues lately because I was freaking out thinking It was only happening to me lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for the nomination. I’m very humbled, though I’m not so much of a mystery if you take a look at the other award posts on my site! 😉

    Once again, I appreciate the consideration. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Heh, Demon Slayer. I agree that show is a tad bit overrated IMO. All the hype seems to be centered around Nezuko from what I gather on Twitter and around. Doraemon’s magical door, now that you mention it, would be a dank object to own!

    Great answers 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have nothing against Demon Slayer; I just didn’t think it was original enough to be hyped like that. One Piece or Attack on Titan, for example, are shows that have unconventional premises, tones, or art styles, and I think the hype was more justified there. Demon Slayer…I must say I just don’t see it there.

      If I could, I’d have chosen Doraemon’s entire pocket, but is that cheating? 😂

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Hello Moya,

    This was a more in-depth post than I had expected, well done, and some of your answers were the same as mine like you prefering to watch anime at night / early morning which is what I am used to thanks to Toonami.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You are welcome Moya, Toonami starts late in the night a couple of hours or less before 12:00 AM and continues non-stop until about 3:00 AM or 2:30 AM, and so we do not normally get to sleep until afterward unless we take a nap during the anime that we have already seen or do not want to watch. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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