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[Tag] Super Happy Love Award

The Super Happy Love Award… I remember being both intrigued and intimidated when I was nominated not once, but four times in the year 2020. Huh, that’s not as long ago as I thought.

Few people have as much super happy love in them as Pinkie from Pinkie’s Paradise, the creator of the award, but I will try not to fail you, Pinkie. And Al Pal, Auri, Lina, and ThatRandomEditor, some of you whom I’ve missed seeing around here.


  1. Thank the one who tagged you and if at all please tag the original post as well. This is my first blog tag and a bit of a passion project so I would like to see where it spreads! Oh and use Super-Happy-Love as a tag!
  2. Display the Super Happy Love Logo in your post Share the rules!
  3. Choose a minimum of 2 out of these 6 prompts to answer in this blog! More is always allowed! These six prompts are as follows!
    – Tell about a person you love, this can be a friend, partner but also a celebrity or even YouTuber who means a lot to you. As long as they once took breath on this earthly realm you are allowed to  pick them… Tell us why you love them.
    Write something about a fandom or franchise you love. It can be your favorite game series or about just about anything that is bigger than just a single product! Tell us why you love this so much!
    Tell us something about a character that you love. Do you have a Waifu, a Husbando, maybe a mentor, or someone who taught you a valuable lesson. Tell us why you love them.
    – Tell us something about a piece of music that you love. Does an anime intro mean a lot to you? Did you have a special memory to a pop song, like your first dance at your wedding? Maybe a piece of video game music? If you love it, you should tell us why!
    Show us why you love a piece of media so much! A Book, A Game, A Anime, A Movie maybe even a random piece of fan art, you are free to pick as long as you can show us why you love it.
    Write something about yourself that you love! For those who like a challenge, there is a hard mode in this blog prompt as well. Tell us why you love a certain aspect of yourself
  4. Put on your rose-tinted glasses. For once you are allowed to gush about the things that you love without having to balance it out with negatives so that you seem objective. In fact, you are actively encouraged not to bring negativity into this tag. So no “Nowadays.. <topic>  is poopoo but back in my days.. .it was great. Just say it was great! Love is blind after all!
  5. Tag 6 bloggers you love so they can take on this challenge as well.
  6. Everyone who comments something lovely about your post ALSO gets nominated. (Should they so choose)


I love many people in my life, but this person is quite special, and since he has written some nice things about me online too, I will return the favour. I love his crazy ideas and unhinged humour, and it astonished me in the beginning that the same person was the type to send you thoughtful walls of text. I love his sincere and hardworking personality, and he has inspired me to try things I never thought I’d try and accomplish things I hadn’t previously imagined. I also love how he knows he’s very cute but still denies it every time even though it’s plainly obvious. Tsundere much?


I’m not too big on fandoms, but I guess I have spent a few years playing FGO. I might be a fake Fate fan because I’ve only really watched the main storylines, but I always appreciate some good Fate art on Twitter. Also, Nightingale is waifu and I am proud to have a keychain of her on my backpack. Or perhaps I should say the Nasuverse in general, since Garden of Sinners is still one of my favourite movie series.


I believe I’ve discussed my appreciation of ojisan characters on here before. Call it daddy issues – it might even be true. It only took me 6 years after graduating high school to finally read To Kill a Mockingbird, which I understand is a must-read in the American curriculum. It turned out to be just the kind of story I like, both whimsical and empathetic, and Atticus Finch does steal the show. I think moderateness is an underrated (and often detested) quality, and the ability to respect others as people while holding fast onto your own principles is something this world needs more of. Um… and I’m not sure how I feel about the term “DILF,” but if I have to give an example of one, Atticus sounds about right.


More Kate Bush appreciation! Chose more of a love song to fit this post. I find “Moving” to be thoroughly moving, especially the part that goes “you crush the lily in my soul.” Let the music speak for itself.


I rarely read genre fiction, and frankly cannot recall the plot of any of the mystery novels I’ve read in the past. Recently I came across The Poet by Michael Connelly, and experienced for the first time in a long while the pleasure of a page-turner. The book was published in 1996, and captures the horrors spawned by the Internet with frightening accuracy, but without the pedantic cynicism common in other books of its time. And Stephen King wrote the foreword for it, calling it the scariest book he’s read or something. I really was scared.


I’ve enjoyed few wines in my life, but if you offer it, I will try it!

You know, I love many things in life with the same zest, and people sometimes misinterpret it as being dispassionate. I admire single-mindedly driven people, and it took me a while to figure out that that’s not me. If you ask what I want for dinner and I say “anything,” it doesn’t mean that I’m indifferent to what I eat, but more often that every single item on the menu excites me. If I have no qualms leaving a book or anime unfinished at its climax, it doesn’t mean that I don’t love it, but that there are so many other things I could love equally with my time. If I use a random number generator to decide what to do in my rare spare time, it’s because I’m thrilled by the number of possible things I could be doing. And I guess I love that I’m capable of loving a lot of things.

…I just realized that I only had to pick 2/6 of these prompts, haha. Doesn’t go against the instructions to write more, but really goes to show how I’m the type to recycle the instructions before attempting to assemble furniture.

Not nominating this time because so many people have done this award, but the sixth rule for the award does say that anyone who comments can pick up the tag if they wish, so I’m happy if you want to do that.

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