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[Highlights] Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho 13: To Strive, to Seek, to Find

The end of the journey was quite satisfying. I was expecting some escapist’s fantasy when I put Yorimoi on my watch list, but what I got was the entire opposite. The journey has ended, but the feels will carry on!

sora yori 13.3
Eating shaved iceberg
  • Wow, thousand-year-old air. I don’t get how the anime strives to be realistic in every aspect about this expedition, but doesn’t show enough respect to the cold at all. Seriously, what are they wearing? They don’t even wear gloves half of the time. And shaved ice…

sora yori 13.4

  • God, I’ll miss the glasses lady… Too bad I don’t even know her name. She was also the one who trashed the calpis this episode.

sora yori 13.5

  • Kimari fantasizes about staying in Antarctica forever.

sora yori 13.6

  • …And is actually pretty serious about it. It’s interesting how Kimari is the only one with lingering regrets. The others are all pretty realistic.

sora yori 13.7

  • What isn’t Gin good at? Babysitting, I guess. They pull off an Angel Beats! this episode with the baseball game, except there’s less significance attached to the idea of baseball itself.

sora yori 13.8

  • If Takako did something, Shirase is sure to follow. Shirase hits the ball.

sora yori 13.9

  • Shirase even has Takako’s hair now! I wasn’t sure how I felt about her chasing after her mom’s shadow all the time before. It’s a totally understandable thing to do, but it’s something works of fiction fiction usually depict as unhealthy. This episode really straightens things out as it goes on though.

sora yori 13.10

  • Ah…all the inspirational vibes. Where’s Asuka?

sora yori 13.11

  • Such an interesting way to put it! Unlike what Hinata states in her episode, Antarctica isn’t “an empty place” with no one to interfere with what you do. It’s a place that allows characters to confront their true selves – one very big theme in Yorimoi.

sora yori 13.12

  • Yuzuki has a fan in Antarctica too. Lol…”The Follow Backs Won’t Stop.” That random dude looks forward to her drama too!

sora yori 13.13

  • Shirase gives her mom’s laptop to Gin. She even leaves her 1 million yen in Antarctica as well. First the hair-cut, now this. Shirase is all about letting go this episode. She’s inspired by her mom, but no longer haunted by visions of her.

sora yori 13.14

  • Gin actually opens the mailbox. I was kind of glad to see someone witness Shirase’s dedication, even if she was polite enough to not click into any of the messages. And of course, that unsent message…
  • I’ll miss Gin. I’ve grown quite fond of her over the last half of the series. She is probably the only complex character other than the main cast. In fact, she’s already a lot more nuanced than someone like Kimari. I like capable kuuderes.

sora yori 13.15

  • The girls see an aurora…and Shirase’s mom’s picture of an aurora. I totally expected some feelsy letter to her daughter, but it’s just a picture attachment of an aurora and a statement declaring that the real thing is a thousand times more beautiful. This time, Shirase is finally one step ahead of her, as she sees an aurora even before Takako’s message reaches her. It shows how she has surpassed her mother and is no longer tracing her footsteps.

sora yori 13.1

  • Biggest plot twist in the series: Megu-chan is now in the North Pole. She’s so prideful and competitive that instead of waiting for her friend’s return to properly make up or something, she gets herself to the North Pole. I do believe that Megumi has the willpower to accomplish this…

sora yori 13.2

  • Is this a second season promise? I doubt it, but it’s a nice idea.

Although there’s a comforting sense of framing with the train ride, welcoming dinner, and Kimari lying on her bed, Yorimoi‘s final episode shows that things are going to be far from stagnant from then on. The girls have all grown as people, and are off to new adventures both independently and as a team. The final bits of this episode were cheesy at times with the motivational talks, but for this anime, I do think it works.


To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.” – Alfred Tennyson, “Ulysses”

7 thoughts on “[Highlights] Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho 13: To Strive, to Seek, to Find

  1. Great final episode to an incredible series. The story was grounded and emotional and avoided many of the cliches and pitfalls which ruin other series. It also brought along with it the perfect feels train. I thought the ending was incredibly satisfactory ending which concluded the story nicely but left a possibility for more. I was pleasantly surprised by this series. It is stories like this that set anime apart from many western series.

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  2. According to Les Stroud, there are three kinds of people: those who don’t adventure and are okay with experiencing it from an armchair, those who are profoundly moved by adventure but partake occasionally, and those who adventure frequently because they genuinely love it. A Place Further Than The Universe presents Mari and the others as being set firmly in the middle group: there is no doubt that travelling to Antarctica has imparted profound changes in each of the girls, and I felt that there were really four separate stories within A Place Further Than The Universe, unified by a common goal of reaching Antarctica. It’s certainly a fun series, even if it’s not to change my views of the world (which is my definition of a masterpiece).

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    1. Great way to put it. I can see why people would call it a masterpiece, but it isn’t exactly my type of masterpiece either. Certainly an easy recommendation though.


  3. I love the series, glad I wasnt the only one that though megumi in the northpole was a bit off. Maybe next season she would be a new dynamic. The things she did behind kimari’s back were pathetic…

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    1. She might have done pathetic things, but I didn’t necessarily hate her for it. I even decided that Megumi was going to be my favourite character in ep.1, haha.
      Who knows? A next season would be nice.


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