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[Highlights] Violet Evergarden 12: Violet Makes Grown Men Salty

Frankly, I found it hard to take this episode seriously, though this may be the most serious the anime has gotten in terms of developing some overarching external conflict.

VE 12.1

  • Here’s Cattleya being pretty in her new coat before we get into all the ugly stuff in this episode! She’s on the way to help with the signing of an important peace treaty.

So naval captain Dietfield Bougainvillea, a.k.a. Major Gilbert’s brother, is on the same train to protect the people involved in the signing of the peace treaty. Some anti-peace people are on their way to stop them by force. The screenshots are really ridiculous to look at in succession, so I don’t want to interrupt them with too many words this time.

VE 12.2

VE 12.3

  • Violet is not too popular both with allies and foes. I don’t know how she managed to offend Dietfried that badly…come to think of it, how exactly did she cause all his men to die if they’re on the same side? Is it just because she failed to save them? What a ridiculously immature way to think.

VE 12.4

VE 12.5

VE tool

  • Dietfried is actually super embittered. He bullies Violet even when they’re in crisis. I thought Violet following orders is exactly what he wants? Does he want Violet to be a “human being” all of a sudden now? But then he’s offended by the fact that she’s a Doll? Seriously, this character is making no sense to me. He’s also so uncreatively redundant with his verbal bullying.

Ve 12.6

  • “Mwahaha…I want to destroy everything!” is basically what the enemies are saying this episode. That, and REVENGE!!!
  • A train-top fight ensues. Seriously, if they do have guns, why don’t they use it in the beginning? Just because sword fights are cooler?

VE 12.7

Ve 12.8

Ve 12.9

  • Yeah…it all is quite unintelligent. Because she failed to protect him, she killed him. Getting emotional at the wrong times though. But that’s okay, because bad guys always wait during fights. Quite chivalrous of them.
  • Violet doesn’t want to kill anyone anymore. This episode tries to complicate it by throwing her into battle again. Here’s where Violet is forced to confront her past self and overcome it. Will she succeed without killing a person? We’ll have to find out next episode, but I think it’s likely.

I have to admit that I laughed in too many of the scenes. An awkward anti-hero and a ridiculous villain. That anti-peace leader can go star in Anpanman or something. Maybe that’s just me being a mean-spirited viewer. I have to admit that I’m somebody who can laugh during sad movies too. How did everyone else find the episode?

6 thoughts on “[Highlights] Violet Evergarden 12: Violet Makes Grown Men Salty

  1. I wouldn’t call it as much as ridiculous but it was a pretty uninteresting episode compared to previous ones. There’s juts not enough reason to care about everything.

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  2. I still need to push through Violet Evergarden: with the likes of Yuru Camp, Slow Start and A Place Further Than The Universe, on top of The Division‘s global events, I’ve not had a chance to get further than episode six. WIth this being said, I greatly enjoy the music from this series, and I’ll see to pushing further ahead in this one to completion!

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    1. I like how you say “push through”. I agree with you on the music, but some episodes were quite dull to me. I thought the middle of the series had many great bits, but I am somewhat disappointed in this series overall. Definitely not to the point of horrible or difficult to watch, but it could have been a lot more.


      1. Haha…who doesn’t procrastinate? I’m only watching two series from the winter season and I can’t even review epsidoes on time most of the time.


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