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[First Impression] Correction: Pop Team Epic May Damage Brain Cells

My last post on Pop Team Epic…had unexpected results. It was something that intentionally lacked substance and disguised itself as a legitimate review talking about cute girls doing cute things, which is why I called it “Pop Team Epic in a nutshell.” Tetrax glorified that post by calling it really “meta” – it’s probably not that sharp of a post – just like Pop Team Epic isn’t that smart of an anime. I wasn’t sure I’d convince anyone, but apparently, I’m more convincing than I thought, haha. Well, bullshitting is my specialty after all (it’s basically what I major in). Moya does not truly enjoy juicy fan-service, regardless of what you may think now.

it's joke

I must clarify though, all the screenshots did come from the show, and I totally didn’t make it up completely! Just…watch it and you’ll know. (I feel like my double “First Impression” posts are going to end up promoting this show)

Here’s the actual review of Pop Team Epic that I hid from you guys. I actually wrote this one first, and that one yesterday, ahem… I had my fun. I am kind of sorry.


I…did not need this in my life, but then it was…kind of great? Great not as in I’d sit through 11 more episodes of it, but as in it exceeded expectations and is currently the most unforgettable show in the season.


pop team 5

Non-existent: yeah. Each mini gag is stand-alone and lasts about 30 seconds.

Cute girls bait: I actually really loved that part. The episode disguises itself as an harem/idol show with an opening showcasing the most adorable girls, and even has a next episode preview to provide false hopes for any naive viewer who still thinks they’re going to get some quality idol show in the end. Darn, that opening got me hooked.

Reference-dropping: I generally enjoy shows that drop random references or have a meta sense of humour, and Pop Team Epic is both. That Kimi no Na Wa reference cracked me up, no matter how much I hate to admit it. There were also many meta skits, one of which involved people looking through security cameras and seeing Popuko and Pipimi stagger at an excruciatingly slow pace during their grand escape. One of the dudes actually commented that they should let them do whatever because what’s a 4-koma about nothing going to do in the anime world anyways? In many of the other skits, I missed the reference or just couldn’t laugh about it. Is Pop Team Epic absurdist? I can’t really see it as a show that’s that smart (at least not consistently), and don’t really appreciate laughing at things because they’re just unimaginably dumb. But then I sat through the episode up to the halfway mark and did exactly that a couple of times. I am kind of angry that Pop Team Epic fostered the degradation of my intelligence when the school term has only just begun.


pop team 7

Keep them away from me, please: I can’t believe I’m actually reviewing this episode in a proper order. Popuko and Pipimi are walking nightmares to look at, hear, or think about. Nah, that was too harsh. If you’re an easygoing viewer, you can perhaps call them cute? I appreciate how they’re there to shatter the illusion of cute high school (gamer) girls, but still…keep them away from me.


pop team 6

Dank memes: I’d call it Tumblr as an anime, but then that makes it sound a little too thrilling. Trust me, you don’t want to see trashy Tumblr posts in animation for 24 minutes (or 12, if you choose not to watch the practically identical second half). Hmm…after saying that, I feel like a lot of people might want just that. If you thoroughly enjoyed it after the episode, your life is probably more hopeless than mine.

Meme art is not art: if you like purposely horrible MS Paint art drawn using a mouse, then be my guest. I am still trying to forget that hippo scene. I still cannot come to comprehend it…


pop team 8

Surprise French: About a minute of the episode was in French with no subtitles. I’ve heard that the second half puts the subtitles on, but unfortunately, I didn’t get far enough. It was a fun touch – I always laugh when anime suddenly speaks a different language gratuitously (like when they spoke Chinese in Ping Pong. The first episode killed me…).


I honestly never planned to watch it, and am not entirely sure why I did. Maybe the thumbnail alone had the power to brainwash me. As for how I thought – well, I’m glad I watched it even if only to be in on what it’s about. It was an interesting experience that I would recommend to anyone with 12 minutes and some extra brain cells to spare. I would most likely not watch more of it…


16 thoughts on “[First Impression] Correction: Pop Team Epic May Damage Brain Cells

  1. i enjoyed playing along last time, but your actual review is also nice to read about. 😛

    I’m okay with the meme side of anime, I find it pretty funny sometimes, but after watching this first episode, I could already predict that the comedy would fall flat quickly in the next installments. Gag humor is entertaining, but it feels like they’re going WAY overboard. I also really didn’t expect this show to be a full 24 minutes but with some crazy magic, they got the green light and unnecessarily repeated the first twelve minutes. I think that was the main part on why I disliked this first episode.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh wow, you finished the whole thing! Yeah…I might have watched more of it if it was a 5min./ep. series. with the way it is, even going back for the screenshots for this post was a bit of a pain.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Haha….okay…well, this actual review is still very interesting to read as well (And apparently I did not notice it yesterday yiu were having fun lol). That said…don’t think I will be watching this now 😂😂

    Liked by 3 people

  3. I lowkey want to watch this and make a meme out of it. 😂
    BTW just wondering, for your anime review for your last post, do both that anime and this one have the same name ‘Pop Team Epic’? Just making sure because I tried searching it up on kissanime and it only showed up with this one HAHA

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, it is definitely meme material, haha.
      The idol part is really from the same episode that you just looked up. The first 3 minutes or so. I kind of made up the plot of the review from that, haha…

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  4. Lols, you just double-meta-ed with the masked+unmasked versions of your review on Pop Team Epic (Which placing them side by side makes it even more enjoyable and complete of a read XD – Though to be honest, I really did think your previous post itself is meta-ish good – I mean, you did manage to convince quite a number of viewers didn’t you ;))
    I’m guessing you took inspiration from the ‘latest manga’ Hoshiiro Girldrop and its content when I went searching for the unidentified names. (Sorry I correct myself, saw your reply comment to erin :P)

    Liked by 1 person

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