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[First Impression] Pop Team Epic is the Shining Star of the Season

I wasn’t planning to watch this show, but it turned out to be something that threw my expectations into the dirt. Love Live! is no longer my favourite idol anime…


pop team 1

Inspiring: Daichi is your average high school boy who, in an unexpected twist of events that I’m not going to spoil, bonds with his anti-social neighbour Sosogu. The focus of the story then shifts to Sosogu and her hopes and anxieties after being offered the opportunity to become an idol in France – something she and Daichi used to dream about as children. Pop Team Epic offers insight into the hopelessness of a high-schooler’s daily life and relays it in a way highly relatable to millennials of our era, and proposes the solution of setting goals and re-discovering oneself through the pursuit of childhood fantasies.

The value of bonds: Like the name “Pop Team Epic” suggests, being an epic pop star really all boils down to teamwork and trust. While this episode shines the spotlight on Daichi and Sosogu’s individual developments, it does not neglect to emphasize what they each gain from their brief interaction with each other. Although they may have nothing in common in their current lives, the bond that held them together during childhood does not fade as easily as they may think. By the end of the episode, both become a little more optimistic than they started out.


pop team 2

Believable but wonderful: Aristotle once wrote in his Poetics: successful heroes (in tragedy) are people greater than us who we are meant to imitate. Beyond being convincing representations of teenagers, Daichi and Sosogu are both great people stuck in the unfortunate circumstance known as the second year of high school (a.k.a. mid-high school crisis). Yet, despite their tragic lives, both are able to overcome their hesitations to pursue a greater goal. Sosogu demonstrates this well when she finally declares that she would like to become an idol. She does this not for herself, but to inspire Daichi, and to bring hope to the entire country of desperate high schoolers. In doing so, she sacrifices her private life for the public good – an act that touched not merely Daichi, but myself when I was watching it as well.


pop team 4

Thoughtful character designs: as if I haven’t been gushing enough about this series! The character designs drew out each character’s personality well. Sosogu and her two teammates (yet to be revealed but shown in the OP) each represent a primary colour. Like the primary colours, the three of them together can combine into a myriad of colours, symbolizing the power of vocal harmony while highlighting the importance of teamwork once again. Simply brilliant.

Touching animation: can you believe that animation can be touching? *whispers* go watch Pop Team Epic! Even in a non-action show, Kamikaze Douga showcases its remarkable strengths with fluid animations and impeccable scene changes. I’m not normally somebody who notices animation quality, but this anime got me to.


pop team 3

Juicy fan-service: I’m a straight girl but I can’t believe how hot Sosogu-chan was when Daichi accidentally walked in on her trying out a bunny girl cosplay! And guess what, it didn’t feel cliched at all, because Sosogu didn’t scream “hentai” and throw something at Daichi, but slammed the door and started feeling self-conscious about herself. Poor Sosogu…(but +1 point for character development).


Please go and watch Pop Team Epic, everybody! You won’t regret it!!





I apologize for writing this… This post is basically Pop Team Epic in a nutshell.

15 thoughts on “[First Impression] Pop Team Epic is the Shining Star of the Season

  1. Damn, actual realistic behaviour from Sosogu; rare to see that form of reaction instead of screaming “BAKA” in the typical tsundere fashion. I’ll definitely check this anime out 🙂

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  2. top notch first impressions post. i absolutely can’t wait on how this series will continue with Sosugu and her idol dreams. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s funny though, I just read a post that was the exact opposite of your review 😂
        Always interesting how some people can have completely opposing opinions ons something 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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