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Anime x Lit Crit: Toradora! Episode List

Following our wrap-up of the project with Toradora!‘s last episode, here’s a master list of all the episodic reviews that NegativePrimes and I did for Toradora!.

To briefly recap what this project was about, it’s a conversation-style collaboration that focuses on analyzing characters and themes in the anime Toradora!, from a vaguely literature-informed perspective. Compiling them has made me aware that the first half is much heavier on the lit crit than the second, which is interesting to see. Our style of analysis has changed quite a bit over the two years.

Looking for opinions on a particular episode? Links are all below, so check them out!

  • Episode 1 [first impressions, change vs. stagnation]
  • Episode 2 [tiger vs. dragon myth]
  • Episode 3 [Minori, escapism, the self]
  • Episode 4 [blackboard text analysis, realm of mythology, theories on love]
  • Episode 5 [Ami, the oni]
  • Episode 6 [Ami’s “real self”, pathetic fallacy, female objectification]
  • Episode 7 [pool day, body image, Laura Mulvey and voyeurism]
  • Episode 8 [pool day pt. 2, conflict, self-sacrifice]
  • Episode 9 [holiday mansion, Freudian dream analysis, ghosts and UFOs]
  • Episode 10 [holiday mansion pt. 2, equality, sun/moon symbolism, second-order science]
  • Episode 11 [cultural festival, “absit omen“, Bishamon]
  • Episode 12 [cultural festival pt. 2, Taiga’s dad, Ami’s development]
  • Episode 13 [cultural festival pt. 3, rage, gender categorization]
  • Episode 14 [childishness/maturity, family]
  • Episode 15 [Kitamura’s crisis, narrative realism]
  • Episode 16 [Kitamura’s crisis pt. 2, Romeo and Juliet, tragic hero]
  • Episode 17 [Christmas, being “good”]
  • Episode 18 [Christmas pt. 2, D&D affinities, acting vs. being]
  • Episode 19 [Christmas pt. 3, romantic exclusivity, magnanimity]
  • Episode 20 [fire/ice, bitterness]
  • Episode 21 [school trip, revelations]
  • Episode 22 [reality, visible vs. invisible]
  • Episode 23 [normality, confrontation]
  • Episode 24 [collectivism vs. individualism, power of language]
  • Episode 25 [the tsundere, conclusions]

toradora 25.6

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