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Jon’s Creator Showcase: August Edition

Welcome, everyone, to the month of September and to Jon's Creator Showcase: August 2019! This month features an extensive selection of current, classic, and underrated anime content, as well as analytical and creative works from other fields that may surprise you. It's a true honour to be a part of this initiative, and thanks again… Continue reading Jon’s Creator Showcase: August Edition

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Anime x Lit Crit – Vampires & Valentines: Toradora! 10

So I'm back! Thanks to my partner Primes and anyone who keeps up with this series for having so much patience. Primes: Welcome back! We're glad you survived your intense summer coursework!  Thank you! 🙂 The fact that I more-or-less predicted the course of this episode may have affected my enjoyment of it a bit, but… Continue reading Anime x Lit Crit – Vampires & Valentines: Toradora! 10