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Mystery Blogger Award (x 3)

Considering the content I write and the IRL tidbits that I Tweet, I'm pretty sure there's not much left about me that remains in mystery. But before we get to the mysterious nominees whom I'm curious about, here we go anyway about myself based on YahariBento, Matt-in-the-Hat, and Emiko's questions (thank you!). Rules Display the… Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award (x 3)


Award Tag Burrito (Pt. 2)

Welcome to the second installment of the Award Tag Burrito, in which I continue my attempt to answer all awards I've been nominated for! Once again, if you've nominated me for an award and I didn't like or reply to the post, I probably haven't seen it, and you can comment below if you still… Continue reading Award Tag Burrito (Pt. 2)