[Highlights] Kino’s Journey Ep. 3 (Land of Prophecies)

Back to our routine of episodic Kino. Just learned that Kino is a "she," so I won't be using "they/them" to describe her anymore. This episode features not one, but three seemingly unconnected countries, each with their own obsession with the concept of tradition. The Land of Prophecies The textured filter really gives the scenery… Continue reading [Highlights] Kino’s Journey Ep. 3 (Land of Prophecies)

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Jon’s Creator Showcase: July Edition

I'm very pleased to be back from my hiatus (for a day) with plenty of wonderful posts written by fellow bloggers in the month of June! In case you don't know about the showcase, here's a list of its objectives from Jon's website: Give exposure to both the host & creators who submit content to… Continue reading Jon’s Creator Showcase: July Edition