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Controversed Showcase: 2020 November

Welcome to the end-of-the-month showcase of all the posts written for the Controversed writing workshop! Thank you to everyone who joined me in "Controversing" by creating your own posts in response to each week's theme, as well as everyone who made the workshop a more welcoming place by dropping by with your comments. A Brief… Continue reading Controversed Showcase: 2020 November


369 Thank Yous to My 200 Followers

Now, before you accuse me of being bad at math, I was just tallying up all the times I said thank you in this post, multiplying each thank you by the appropriate amount of people I thanked each time. I counted the arigatous. Undoubtedly, there are overlaps (and there are also people who aren't followers… Continue reading 369 Thank Yous to My 200 Followers