J-Pop/Anisong Listicles

Colour-Coded Kalafina: Black

Welcome to Kalafina recommendations ver. Gothic/rock. Sorry it took me so long to get to this one! Also, for those of you who requested translyrics/lyrics analysis, I'll get to that eventually! Previous song recommendations: Colour-Coded Kalafina: Red Colour-Coded Kalafina: Blue Colour-Coded Kalafina: Yellow "Yami no Uta" (2010) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTHYww8oh_0 Colour justification: "Song of Darkness" needs no… Continue reading Colour-Coded Kalafina: Black

Episode Reviews

[Highlights] Violet Evergarden 13 (Finale): A Doll’s Will

A decent end to the series. I was glad they got through the awkward battle bit as quickly as they did - Violet Evergarden is a show more about letters and reconciliation than action after all. Dietfried catches Violet's brooch before it flies off somewhere. This was the moment Dietfried redeemed himself for me. Seriously, this dude.… Continue reading [Highlights] Violet Evergarden 13 (Finale): A Doll’s Will