Colour-Coded Kalafina: Blue

A continuation of my Kalafina song recommendations. Read Colour-Coded Kalafina: Red here if you're interested. Lyrics are from with some translations modified by me. Sky Blue Light, soothing, angelic. "heavenly blue" (2015) Associated work: Aldnoah.Zero Colour justification: "何処までも眩しい heavenly blue" (dazzling wherever it reaches, heavenly blue), what other colour can it be? Highlight: [2:41-2:56/3:45] …

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Colour-Coded Kalafina: Red

As I promised in my Tribute to Kalafina post, I'd be doing Kalafina song recommendations (5 posts, hopefully?). I've decided to categorize my recommendation posts based on colours. I know that Kalafina did already assign colours to certain songs in their The Best Red/Blue albums, but I don't agree with many of those colour assignments …

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Do Spoilers Matter?

When I was 9, I was taught an important lesson when I inadvertently spoiled Death Note for my mom (I have a cool mom who reads manga). My mom didn’t let me read her manga at the time because I was too young, so I picked up the next volume of the manga that she borrowed and started reading the back of it. I only uttered the phrase “After L dies…” when my mom dropped her book, stared at me in shock, and proceeded to give me an emotional lecture, at the end of which I promised never to spoil anything again. My mom was…quite the L fan.