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Horimiya with IriMoya: Episode 4

Back for another episode of Horimiya with Irina. How are you doing, Irina? I’m doing great! Thanks for asking! I hope you and the readers are doing just as great. Even better, in fact! "Better"...I wouldn't dare to hope so myself, but pretty fine, that's for sure. Yup, hope everyone reading this is staying nice… Continue reading Horimiya with IriMoya: Episode 4

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[Controversed] Week 4: Managing Criticism

If you have been following the Controversed project since the start of the month, thank you (!!), and congratulations for making it to the final week! For those who are new to this, congratulations for joining just at the right time to welcome a very special first-time guest on this blog, Irina from I Drink… Continue reading [Controversed] Week 4: Managing Criticism