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[Anime X-Change] Senki Zesshou Symphogear – A Review in 6 Songs

This December, I took part in Jon Spencer's Anime X-Change event, where I recommended one anime to someone and received a recommendation from them in return. My partner, William Dunn, recommended the first season of Symphogear to me! It was quite a ride - I can't say I loved the show, but it has its… Continue reading [Anime X-Change] Senki Zesshou Symphogear – A Review in 6 Songs


Moya’s Random Weekend at the Movies

Let's face it, when I'm not posting episodic reviews, my blog is already a roulette of unpatterned content. But today, I have something deliberately, meticulously random for you...and it's not about anime (for the most part). You see, I don't actually watch all that many non-anime movies or TV shows. Actually, I haven't actually seen… Continue reading Moya’s Random Weekend at the Movies

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[Highlights] Kino’s Journey Ep. 7 (Coliseum Pt. 2)

This episode wrapped up a little more hastily than I would like it to, but it shed some interesting light on Kino's personality and objectives. A story of patricide, told through puppets Having the King tell his backstory through puppets was an interesting aesthetic touch. The execution of the scene in the screenshot is particularly… Continue reading [Highlights] Kino’s Journey Ep. 7 (Coliseum Pt. 2)

Episode Reviews

[Highlights] Kino’s Journey Ep. 6 (Coliseum Pt. 1)

And we're back to the regularly (un)scheduled Kino posts! I did miss this show. I don't know if others would describe it as "cozy," but that is indeed the first word I thought of when I came back to it after a month-long break. Perhaps it's the still tone + episodic arc format. I do… Continue reading [Highlights] Kino’s Journey Ep. 6 (Coliseum Pt. 1)

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Controversed Showcase: 2020 November

Welcome to the end-of-the-month showcase of all the posts written for the Controversed writing workshop! Thank you to everyone who joined me in "Controversing" by creating your own posts in response to each week's theme, as well as everyone who made the workshop a more welcoming place by dropping by with your comments. A Brief… Continue reading Controversed Showcase: 2020 November

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[Controversed] Week 4: Managing Criticism

If you have been following the Controversed project since the start of the month, thank you (!!), and congratulations for making it to the final week! For those who are new to this, congratulations for joining just at the right time to welcome a very special first-time guest on this blog, Irina from I Drink… Continue reading [Controversed] Week 4: Managing Criticism


Announcing Controversed: A November Workshop

Elections, daylight saving hours, Uzaki-chan figurines! A million controversies pervade us through the internet, but being kind and civil bloggers with a limited tolerance for unproductive arguments, most of us don't go around poking the bears. Still, I know there are lots of things that people want to talk about despite their reservations, and I… Continue reading Announcing Controversed: A November Workshop