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Picture This! Anime Edition: Ft. Special Guest

I’m back Internet, did you miss me? Well I have a fun little post just for you, so I hope you like games, and more importantly I hope you like art. You see, I’m in need of a little artistic redemption. I mean, not that I ever fancy myself an artist but when you’re known as the guy who can’t draw Sailor Moon and the most creatively bankrupt drawing of the Invisible Man….it hurts a little. Where are my manners, I haven’t even introduced myself and the uninitiated are surely confused. A little confusion never hurts anyone when you’re at the movies.

It is I, K, better known as Kat the Movies, and it looks like I’m guest-hosting. Now, to bring on my special guest who you all know and love, one of the most creative and artistic people around, from culinary sweet genius on display to cooler than cool ice sculptures. Please, a round of applause for Moya. Anything you’d like to say to your blog followers real quick, and while you’re letting this walking disaster appear on your blog?

Thanks K, you flatter me too much. I’m just having a good time letting you do the talking. Any chance you’d just run this blog for me while you’re at it?

The Context:

So Moya and I thought it would be fun to both engage in sort of a challenge of our digital artistic skills. Basically, we were both given each other’s anime lists – Moya’s MAL and K’s Anilist, if you’re curious. From there, we both used a random selection method to pick one show at random. Using a drawing software of our choice, Moya, I believe you used MS Paint (Moya: correction, I used Paint Tool SAI); I was struggling to get adjusted to Krita. We both set a 5 minute timer and had to draw one character from a random anime off the other person’s list. 

We challenged each other to guess each character, which was fun and awkward. Despite me being big dumb and struggling to remember every show in existence, I still finished getting 6/7 correctly. Moya is a robot killing machine, and despite me not being able to draw very good, was able to get all 7/7 correctly without even having to think about it…like at all.

I remember my anime, K, especially things I gave a 10/10 to.

Now the tables are turned to you! Below will be the gallery of 14 images and you can try to see if you can guess them all correctly and get a #1 Victory Royale. So share your thoughts on our amazing skills, and see if you can guess them all.

Round 1: K Drawing

Round 1: Moya Drawing

Round 2: K Drawing

Round 2: Moya Drawing

Round 3: K Drawing

Round 3: Moya Drawing

Round 4: K Drawing

Round 4: Moya Drawing

Round 5: K Drawing

Round 5: Moya Drawing

Round 6: K Drawing

Round 6: Moya Drawing

Round 7: K Drawing

Round 7: Moya Drawing

Well, I feel like all I proved is that my inability to draw Sailor Moon isn’t an anomaly. Yeah, I had fun and I think me and Moya talked about potentially doing a sequel to this post, maybe with a different topic, maybe with more aniblogger friends. What would you like to see?

I’m sure everyone is going to ace this, but just in case, we’ll reveal the answers in the comment section, or maybe I’ll post an answer key on my blog, which you should be checking out anyway. Follow K at the Movies, please… WordPress, Twitter, YouTube. I am there.

Yes, follow K, he’s got the goods!

Thank you, Moya for letting me host and feature you as a guest and participating in such an interesting time. You’re always a joy to be around and if you have any final words to wrap this up, the floor is yours. Have a good day everyone, and I’ll see you at the movies!

Thank you for having me here on the Moyatorium (a blog I totally don’t own). Maybe you’ll see me at the movies next time. See you, everyone!

22 thoughts on “Picture This! Anime Edition: Ft. Special Guest

  1. In order:

    Shirobako lady
    Tsumugi (K-On!)
    Shiki loli
    Erased mom
    Pho (that her name)? The gem lady
    The paradise movie girl
    You know I know i it lol
    Fu (I think that’s her name). Champloo girl.
    …sigh… Otherside Picnic girl…
    Egg (before it was bad. Film)
    Shoko (Silent Voice)
    Monogat gal
    Time for a musical number randomly! PS – round or flat?

    Most these pretty good ngl.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Haha, I thought hard about how I could answer this, but the answer might be beyond me. Maybe we’ll find out someday. He denies that he’s a furry though. I’ve asked him that before.

        Liked by 1 person

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