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Horimiya with IriMoya: Episode 10

It’s more Yuki, as we had hoped for! But first, happy Pi Day, and happy daylight savings switch. I don’t know if most people really celebrate either, especially the latter, but it’s cool that they coincide. Remember to go to bed early so that you can recover from the loss of an hour! (Edit: apparently it’s also White Valentine’s. Such a festive day!)

Irina: Oh no, is it time to spring forward again. That sux. I’m going to have to change the scheduling on all of my posts again. Booooohh 😦 Don’t listen to Moya lure you into complacency. Rebel! Go to bed an hour later! 

I hate daylight savings too, but no, Irina, sleep is important!! Sufficient sleep improves memory and metabolism, and you get to have cool dreams… I can tell you sleep facts all day, but you’ll have to subscribe to Moya’s Sleep Facts first (*totally real thing, btw).

Want to talk about sleep? I can go on…

You know I’m not a big fan of the creepy jealousy gag. As it has been for me in the last few weeks, the Hori-Miya bit of Horimiya was the part of the episode that I didn’t care as much for. With nothing left to advance in their relationship, Hori’s insecure possessiveness escalates, and Miyamura is still too lame to say no.

Irina: I liked it. It made me giggle. It’s just hoyay fanservice after all so I didn’t take it as canon. I know that the jealous girlfriend trope is tired and overused but it’s the only bit of grit in the series so it serves decently as a foil. 

This said, I don’t know why Hori would be more disturbed over being left for a man. I figure that would be way easier to take. 


We do know that Hori is an insecure person who tries to put up a tough front, and that Miyamura has insecurities of his own, but I like it more when the show takes a more sensitive approach to this, such as the sickbed scene in Ep. 4. The gags just haven’t been all that effective on me.

Ah, glad to see that Yanagi is still the good boy I identified him to be. I think he looks even better with glasses! Yuki’s sister is cool too, I’d love to see more of her.

Yuki and Remi developing a sense of rapport wasn’t something I was expecting, but the show does keep hitting us with these lovely unexpected friendships. “Anyone can be friends if they talk to each other enough” is a theme that I endorse. And who else but Remi would you go to for the best advice?

Irina: You know the first time I watched it, I got very confused because those glimpses of someone with shoulder length hair and glasses we kept seeing while Yuki was talking, I mistook to be Miyamura. 

And I just jumped on that. I decided, oooohhhhh Yuki actually has a thing for Miya and maybe she’s had it for a while and is feeling so guilty about it that she transferred those feelings to Toru and is feeling guilty about it. As a way to deal with her disappointment. It happens sometimes.

So I thought the way they were going to play it is that now Yuki would have to find a way to reunite Toru and Sakura. I guess I really overcomplicated things but it sounded like an interesting thread in my mind and a lot of complex feelings to explore.

When I went over the screencaps though, I saw it was clearly Sakura and really that’s the only thing that would have made sense considering how the episode played out.

Haha, that’ll really expand the love triangle, wouldn’t it! No Scum’s Wish here, too bad? But I did think Tanihara was Toru for like a minute straight at the start of this episode, so what can I say. I guess there is a bit of anime same-facedness going on, but thankfully they’re all nicely colour-coded! Also, sorry I accidentally mixed up Tanihara and Mizouchi last episode. I don’t know how I did that…

It’s unfortunate that Yuki and Hori seem to be drifting apart though–she completely left Hori out of the loop re: the whole love triangle thing! Happens when one friend gets into a relationship and the other doesn’t. I like how this is demonstrated subtly through the unread texts from Hori (and those that Yuki never writes to Hori), instead of having Yuki sulk about it in private. Hopefully we’ll get another “talking it out” moment, because those are what I’m here for!

It’s anime school, you only go there for character development

Yuki’s sister calling her out in such a matter-of-fact way was another great scene. Yuki’s a very self-aware person, but it does take these call-outs to give her the push she needs to get out of her head and take actual action.

Irina: I mentioned it during our last post but Yuki is the most relatable character for me in HoriMiya. Maybe it says something that she’s not my favourite by far but I do like her a lot. I just like this cast a lot in general.

In any case, that conversation with her sister hit home. I wish someone had called me out like that when I was a kid. I would probably have done me a world of god!

And oh, the rooftop scene! Yuki’s trembling voice, which she tries to underplay by talking about the cold weather, was a great detail. Yuki thinks something big’s going to happen (presumably the end of her “pretend relationship” with Toru”), we think something big’s going to happen (because it’s a rooftop scene, duh!), but in fact…there wasn’t such a marked development after all.

Again, people talk things out–small talk things, silly things, unnecessarily metaphorical silly things–and in the end it’s still kind of ambiguous, even if both seem to have reached some sort of realization about each other. It’s endearing to see such realistic portrayals of communications about feelings, time and again. What were your thoughts, Irina?

Irina: For me the rooftop scene was the weakest of the episode. I found it way too drawn out and just awkwardly written. 

But I do remember thinking first – this is supposed to be one of the coldest days of the year and they are out without hats, a coat and Yuki is in bare legs, yet no body parts are falling off, that seems odd. Also, oh my Toru does not know how snow works. And I really appreciated that Yuki echoed my thoughts. If she had just blindly accepted that nonsense, I think that would have been a bit much, but she didn’t and that salvaged it for me.

But that conversation made little sense and little progress. I really appreciate how generally straightforward the characters in HoriMiya are and I hope Yuki and Toru can get there as well.

However, I did love the scene between Sakura and the president. You know how when you’re feeling really low and a bit like you’re walking in a haze and then someone does something unexpectedly kind and it just throws you off. It happens all the time but we don’t really see it in fiction much.

It was another show of friendship as just as important and fulfilling as romance but in a different way. And it reminded us that Sengoku is his own type of cool. I thought it was a nice place to end the episode.   

Oh, thank you for bringing that up; I was going to talk about that! He was so awkward about it but he tried so hard to be a supportive friend–his own type of cool indeed.

Hopefully the snow has decided to melt on your side of Canada by now–I think we’re ready for some spring soon. Until next time!

Irina: Not quite yet and next week will be cold but you know, spring always comes in the end.

3 thoughts on “Horimiya with IriMoya: Episode 10

  1. I liked the last scene with the president. I noticed that it was actually kinda ambiguous who the prez was referring to at first, it sounded like the president might be scolding Sakura, but then comes the mini twist ending.

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