Personal Update: Traveling During the Pandemic

As the title of this post suggests, I have made the somewhat ill-advised decision to travel to my homeland, Taiwan, during this pandemic. In fact, my flight is tonight. Looking forward to the ~30 hrs of masking and the 14-day quarantine that ensues…

It’s not an extremely essential trip, but my younger brother already had plans to go for an internship for water-processing, and I made the decision to follow him while I can. Earlier in the year, I did have plans to go to both Taiwan and Japan for the summer, before I got a library job that forced me to give up on any such ideas. Now that I’ve lost that same job due to the pandemic (until early next year, at least), I might as well go see all the family I’ve promised to see before school and work prevent me from doing so for many years to come.

As far as I know, life is surprisingly normal in Taiwan, with close to no new Covid cases since May and 7 deaths throughout the course of the pandemic. This is also because the quarantine measures have been strict since the get-go: for 14 days, your phone tracks your location, and someone checks on your health status every day and accounts for your needs.

Not that this relates to the blog by all that much, but this update is here because:

  1. You’ll find me active online at different times of the day.
  2. Perhaps I’ll post about this trip if anything turns out to be particularly notable or exciting.
  3. I’ll probably be more online than usual, because what else can you do when you’re quarantined with a sibling who mostly sleeps or plays League of Legends? I wanted to bring books but they take up luggage space…
  4. If you see me online, talk to me because I’m probably dying from a lack of human connection and should stay awake to get rid of the jet lag!

Made blueberry jam because I couldn’t think of what else to get my relatives during such times (don’t think they’ll care for maple syrup after all these years). At least this is the best batch of jam I’ve made in years. Gonna miss blueberry season in BC!

19 thoughts on “Personal Update: Traveling During the Pandemic

  1. If you want to play any League of Legends on the Japan server in the evenings let me know haha. I mostly play ARAM but am up for TFT or regular games too.

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    1. Also have a safe flight. On mine most people had an entire row of seats to themselves back in March, I’ve heard it’s still somewhat like that now so hopefully you get lucky and can lay down.

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      1. That’s what I’ve heard is going to happen. I’ve never been able to lie down on a flight, so this should be nice. But tell me how to get through 20 hrs in a mask!

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      2. I hate having to wear one at work all day. The second they say I don’t have to, it’s gone. The kids hate wearing them too, constantly taking them off in class – but none of the teachers will say anything or really care, because I think we all feel the same way about them.

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      3. One of the things I’m starting to hate is the fact that you can’t communicate by smiling. I can be shy in real life so I like to just smile sometimes, but now I lack the assurance that the message was conveyed!

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      4. Yeah I hate that too. When I’m messing with the students sometimes they don’t realize right away cause they can’t see the big grin on my face.

        Luckily in public here you just bow your head to everyone and that’s sufficient.

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    2. Lol, I once downloaded the game, took forever to come up with a cool name, and gave up after 2 games. I enjoy watching my brother play because he’s pretty good, but I’ll pass on playing myself!

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  2. I’m quite shocked, you just mentioned that you started working at the library, and now it’s gone? I’m hoping they can take you back on early next year like you mentioned. Sounds like a great plan to spend as much time as you can with your family for now. ☺️

    I don’t know who the prime minister or president of Taiwan is, but, wow, only 7 deaths. We must look like blundering fools to you. Health checks every day, is that carried out by hospitals?

    I sincerely hope someone took you up on your offer and absolutely bombarded you with messages. 🤭

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    1. Sucks to be laid off so soon, but I’m pretty confident that I’ll be back, even if it’ll take a while.

      The president of Taiwan is in fact a lady! My parents don’t like her, but my opinion of her is mostly favourable. We can’t leave the house, so we keep in contact with someone from the CDC over the phone and send them daily temperature recordings.

      And well, you’re bombarding me with blog comments right now (thank you)! Seriously, thanks for always dropping by and reading my posts. 🙂


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