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Jon’s Creator Showcase: April Edition Pt. 2 (Games + More)

jon-creator-showcase-1Hope you’re all doing well on this fine-ish day. Sorry for the small delay in between, but here we are with Pt. 2 of Jon’s Creator Showcase, featuring gaming content and more. I’m sorry I had to cram such exciting and diverse topics as cocktail-mixing and sakura-viewing under the single heading of “more,” but I did my best!

Jon’s Creator Showcase is an ongoing project featuring content from all over the blogsphere (and beyond), and I have the pleasure of hosting it for the third time on this blog. Here’s Pt. 1 of the showcase if you missed it: Jon’s Creator Showcase: April Edition Pt. 1 (Anime + Books).

Pt. 2 was somewhat intimidating for me, as I hardly ever game myself (just FGO so far). It was a fun and enlightening experience though!


Game Review Panel

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

jcsa 2.01

What an atmospheric game! Dale Hooper @ Uncapt gives a short but well-rounded review of Ori and the Will of the Wisps, highlighting its intricate world-building and poignant soundtracks. Seriously, listen to the soundtracks.


jcsa 2.02

Final Fantasy is a big classic to tackle, but Lethargic Ramblings @ Lethargic Ramblings does so eloquently from the perspective of someone playing the original game without the nostalgia factor, offering fresh opinions and a thorough summary of his gameplay experience.


jcsa 2.03

Pete Davison @ MoeGamer reviews the evocative kinetic novel Seabed–a yuri mystery that explores the subject of overcoming grief from the perspectives of three complex narrators. I must add that the art style and colour palettes are absolutely charming!

First Thoughts: Anime Crossing New Horizons

jcsa 2.04

Not a full review, but LeeksPlays @ LeeksPlays outlines their thoughts on the hottest Animal Crossing game, with references to previous experiences with the franchise. All’s looking good!

5-hour long Dragon Quest Builders 2 Jumbo Demo convinced me to get the game

jcsa 2.05

But what if you’ve already spent an unhealthy amount of time building your village in Animal Crossing? Don’t worry–you can switch it up and build another village on Dragon Quest Builders! We won’t judge. If you can’t take my word for it (because I don’t game after all), check out how marichan @ Geek Nabe fangirls about the game’s best elements, and remember to read her helpful tips at the end!

Yakuza 0—Not a Review

jcsa 2.06

First of all, I’m sorry I blatantly ignored the title of this post and featured it where it is now. I shall avoid using the word “review” in the rest of this brief description. Frostilyte @ Frostilyte Writes analyzes quirky pieces of the game that contributed or took away from their enjoyment of it, including its writing, characters, and interactive minigames.


Game Listicle Panel

Wishlist post: top 5 costumes I want to see in Spider-Man sequel game

jcsa 2.07

Matthew @ Matt-in-the-Hat geeks out about the Spider-Man costumes he would love to see in a sequel game, observing not only several variations of the Spider-Man outfit that have appeared int the past, but noting the effects and significances of each one.


jcsa 2.08

What a time to be embracing the apocalypse. Thoughtfully taking into account of people’s different preferences when it comes to facing the end of the world, Kirsten Rodning @ Video Games as Literature compiles two lists: one for those preparing for the worst, and another for remedying broken souls.

5 Games That Have Had The Biggest Impact On My Life (So Far…)

jcsa 2.09

Expanding on a Twitter tag, pokeninja90 @ Blerdy Otome introduces us to five games that are stood out to her, and highlights why. If you feel like picking up the challenge too, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind that!


Gaming Experience Panel

Things Aren’t Regular

jcsa 2.10

Hundstrasse @ Hundstrasse offers a solemn but motivating post on gaming options for surviving social distancing during the unprecedented pandemic we’re going through. This post is especially helpful to those new to gaming, or who have only tried a few forms of gaming and are seeking to expand.

Never growing up: too old for gaming?

jcsa 2.11

Kim @ Later Levels tackles the subject of age-related stigma in gaming with an anecdote from their own streaming experience. They encourage us to think about fostering safe spaces in our community, and to never give up on enjoying a hobby due to senseless pressure.

The Co-op Tales: My Older Brother (Part 1) – The Beginning

jcsa 2.12

DanamesX @ Tales from the Backlog reminisces his days of gaming with his brother as the eternal Player 1 and himself as Player 2. DanamesX, you’re lucky to have such a sweet sibling!


jcsa 2.13

On the more technical side of gaming experience, mirrorpurple @ ILLUSIONPURPLE evaluates the pros and cons of a PS4 Pro, considering not only the user experience, but also weighing its worth based on price.


Garden Salad Panel

Sundays Are About To Get Seriously Geeky!

jcsa 2.14

New to blogging? Been blogging for years but still want to get familiar with new followers? Heather T @ Just Geeking By started a low-commitment Q&A project that invites anyone to answer open-ended personal prompts. Check out the project’s page for more specific instructions!

Martin and I: Chasing the perfect Martini

jcsa 2.15

Quietschisto @ RNG delivers an excellent beginner-friendly guide to the perfect martini, starting from what a martini even is to how different gins create particular tastes. Apparently, contradicting martini opinions can ruin friendships, so better read and learn!


jcsa 2.16

alfredopasta @ omunibasu writes a sincere personal tribute to the late Kobe Bryant, detailing his own journey as a sports fan and Kobe’s legacy of influence.

Blood Is Still Needed in the Coronapocalypse Era

jcsa 2.17

Solarayo @ Ace Asunder brings us a highly relevant post on the ongoing demand for blood donations, especially during this dire time. She goes on to demystify COVID-19 transmission-related concerns people may have, and provides friendly tips for those who may be anxious around needles. Seriously, everyone, read this important post.

The Curator of Schlock #316: Night of a 1000 Cats

jcsa 2.18

Movie reviews typically get a panel in this showcase, but guys, I can’t believe this was the only movie submission. Up your game, film Twitter! thedrunkenodyssey @ The Drunken Odyssey summarizes the plot of a questionable 1972 horror film in such an intriguing way that I feel obliged to check it out at some point…

Pokemon-Inspired Art

jcsa 2.19

ThatRandomEditor @ RandomEditorAni changes things up by submitting a digital painting of berries inspired by the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game. They must be poisonous (?), but I am quite interested in trying the blue and white one…

Yomu in Japan: Cherry Blossom Edition

jcsa 2.20

Cherry blossoms aren’t just one type of flower, as some might think. Yomu @ UMAI YOMU ANIME BLOG takes us on a stroll through different parks in Japan, where we get to glimpse the different varieties of Japan’s unofficial national flower (fyi, the supposedly official one is the chrysanthemum).

Dotter – Bulletproof – Lyric video

Annnnd…we’re at the finish line! Finishing off strong with a lyric video by Matija @ matijaleader1. Matija’s videos are always the most dynamically attractive. With such a blazing song, nothing can go wrong!


Phew, putting this together took longer than I expected. In fact, long enough for me to discover 4 good jazz albums. And yes, if you catch me liking/commenting to posts in the last few days, it’s because I am that much of a last-minute worker.

A big, sincere thank you to everyone who participated. I wasn’t able to feature multiple submissions by the same author due the sheer volume of submissions, but I did read and enjoy all of them. As always, if you think I may have missed your post, please let me know as soon as possible.

This showcase has come far over the last years, and it still makes me happy to see new creators join in each month. Big thanks to Jon, who started everything, and let’s look forward to the next showcase hosted by ThatRandomEditor (submissions are already open)!

21 thoughts on “Jon’s Creator Showcase: April Edition Pt. 2 (Games + More)

  1. Thanks for compiling all of the submissions! There is a lot of them.

    Also, no worries on bundling the Yakuza 0 post in with the reviews. There is a story there, but the short version is I hadn’t intended to write a review and I was too stubborn to change the title after the fact when I’d very clearly written one.

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  2. Aww, thank you so much for including Seriously Geeky Sundays in this months showcase! I really appreciate the shoutout 🙂 We’ve just had a wonderful first month with great bloggers sharing their favourite characters and talking about a bunch of geeky things.

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