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Demon Sayer Corps: Kimetsu no Yaiba 26 – Off the Training, Onto the Train

Belated final thoughts on last season’s hype.

Who’s who:

  • Purple = Aria the 14th Magic Conan
  • Green = Plyasm of the Wormhole
  • Blue Astral the Gemini
  • Red = Moya the Tori

1. What are your general thoughts on this episode? [Mandatory]

More train hype.

Loved the first half and didn’t mind the second either.

A very good episode, and a fitting endpoint for the season. It does leave me very hopeful for the Infinity Train movie, however!!

2. Did the episode fit your expectations, and in which ways did it differ from it? (If it does) [Mandatory]

…yup. We even got a bonus Muzan disguised as a woman (just to distinguish him from Michael Jackson).

That elaborate piece of architecture!!! It’s an upgrade of Kyougai’s house. I wonder if Kyougai helped build it. And gender-bent Muzan was indeed a pleasant surprise.

I loved the episode. I’d been waiting to see the Fortress, and it turned out way cooler than I could have imagined. 


  • FYI, Fortress is short for Dimensional Infinity Fortress, which is the official name of that space-warping realm controlled by the biwa demon.

3. What do you expect to happen from here on out? (and why) [Mandatory]

Waiting for that Murder Train movie.

Infinite Training Arc, apparently. And I have a strong feeling that Rengoku is going to die.

Ooooooh i know what happens… but i’m not gonna spoil it 🙂

4. Which scene got the most reaction out of you? (If any at all)

Kanao spoke!!!

Cool moving shot of train, featuring Rengoku smiling in it and the perverse Juuni Kizuki guy (?) on top.

I loved the scene with Tanjiro and Kanao. It was so sweet and adorable!!!


  • Second-favourite: Kanao saying “sayonara.”

5. Which character did you like the most this episode? Have they done anything in particular/changed?

Genya…okay, I’m kind of kidding with this answer, but seeing him back in the show made me realise Tanjiro hasn’t grown all that much (height-wise). Tanjiro’s fated to face off against Kibutsuji, but he’s also fated to be short…so to speak.

Biwa-playing woman (Muzan’s bgm provider). If we’re talking about someone who actually has a character, then probably Kanao. This episode is Kanao at her purest.

Definitely Kanao. This episode is one that finally cements her into more of a main character role, where she’ll be for the rest of the series. Plus, she’s freaking adorable!!


  • Wait, who even is Genya?
  • The angry guy from Final Selection who Tanjiro passes in the hallway this episode.
  • Angry face boi with the scar.

6. What’s the high point of the episode for you and why? [Mandatory]

When they get on the train. (I was kind of hoping they’d play Harry Potter music in the background or embark at platform 9 and 3/4, but those homages might be a tad too obvious…)

Muzan murdering the first two demons. I love how his scenes correspond to the ones with Master in the Hashira episode.

The Fortress scene was just awesome. It really shows how cruel and brutal Muzan can be, even to those who serve him loyally.


  • It’s also interesting how Zenitsu is the one to mention demon slayers aren’t accepted formally by the government. 1) That would explain why we haven’t really seen demon slayers being the equivalent to a police force or bodyguards or something, like you see in other Weekly Shonen Jump works (e.g. Hunter x Hunter, Tokyo Shinobi Squad). 2) It proves Zenitsu actually can be the voice of reason sometimes.
  • I think it’s interesting that Zenitsu seems to be the only one with experience in modern culture, things like trains, etc. Really makes you realize how sheltered Tanjiro was, and also how slowly civilization can evolve in different parts of a country.

7. What can be improved in this episode and why? (a.k.a low point) [Mandatory]

It’s been 2 episodes of teasing this movie…I know anime is meant to be an extended commercial sometimes, but 48 minutes is a bit much.

This episode raises several questions. 1) How did Zenitsu and Inosuke catch up despite missing so much training? They even demonstrated the exact same amount of growth as Tanjiro when bursting the gourds simultaneously. 2) Why didn’t Muzan kill Tanjiro when they first met? With how strong he is, he couldn’t possibly have been stopped by Tamayo’s simple trick. I’m sure this won’t be left unexplained, but I still wanted to ask. 3) Why is the Demon Slayer Corps not recognized by the government, when the existence of demons should be extremely easy to prove? Shouldn’t people be educated about something so dangerous? So far, none of the civilians in the series seem to know anything about them. 

I thought it was pretty good overall, honestly.


  • Let me try to answer a few of your questions, Moya. Some of my answers are based off of extra info in the manga, and some are my personal inference. 
  • 1) I think that Concentration breathing: Constant is a milestone achievement. Of course those who are able to do it are stronger than those who aren’t, but someone having achieved the state before someone else doesn’t necessarily mean that person is stronger. We see that Kanao is much stronger and faster than any of the boys, having had that ability since even before her exam, but when Tanjiro achieves that state, he more or less is able to keep up with her. 
  • 2) Muzan wanted to make sure there were no loose ends; which is why he sent the other two to track Tanjiro back to wherever he was going, and eliminate him and anyone with him.
  • 3) It’s possible that the government DOES know, but hasn’t made the information public in order to keep mass panic from spreading off of such things. The wording used is that the corps isn’t OFFICIALLY recognized by the government, however given the amount of power and wealth that many Demon Slayers have, and the size of their support network, it’s reasonable to think that the government does support them in some sort of unofficial capacity.
  • Nice defenses. Still, Muzan failing to kill Tanjiro at their first encounter reminds me of Voldemort not being able to kill baby Harry, haha.

8. Pick a situation from this episode. If you were put in this situation, how would you have handled it?

Passed by everyone.

9. Most beautiful scene? (screenshot) [Mandatory]

Let’s have Tanjiro and Nezuko for the final screenshot.

kimetsu 26

Just wow.

It’s just too cute.


  • I liked that screenshot too, Moya, but I already had some other choices to pick from by the time I decided I might want to go back for it (I ended up not doing so).

10. In 10 words, summarise what you want to say about this episode. (A good joke question?) [Could also be a haiku or other things of that creative nature, Mandatory]

Saying goodbye is

Not easy when you know there’s

A movie coming up.

All aboard the hype train (except me. I’m feeling neutral).

Time to say farewell (for now).

Hey sup it’s the missing one. I’ve been putting off-shot because it’s more than 10 words


  • More seriously, hello yes it’s me, the missing Ply. I’ve not been in the collab at all starting from… the second half? And it’s kinda evident especially since if you can see my anime watching progress it grinded to a halt. I honestly don’t really have a lot of explanations here, but I can tell everyone else had a fun time at least, so I would like to thank all of you for reading this collaboration as well as showing support, be it by liking the posts or commenting and letting us know your own views as well. We might do more things as a group depending on how the logistics work out, but for now, see you around.
  • (Remember Astral is a big dumbo)
  • *Gasp* Did I just see a ghost?

Taisho Predictions

So, we’re finally at the end.

Nezuko: Mmmmm…

I do wonder about the future of the Demon Slayer Corps, as well as the Demon Sayer Corps.

Nezuko: Mmmmm…

It’s been a journey of friendship, joy, life-impacting medical conditions (?!), procrastination, and delays. I wonder if we’re gonna keep up?

Nezuko: Mmmmmmmmmm… (*TL note: doubtful)

Whelp, we’ll have to wait and see. A thousand thanks to anyone who joined us on this journey, even just for an episode or two. We can be quite extremely rambly people.

Nezuko: *bows*

5 thoughts on “Demon Sayer Corps: Kimetsu no Yaiba 26 – Off the Training, Onto the Train

    1. Thank you! As okay as this anime was to me, I think I might not watch its second season, simply because there are many other shows i’d like to see. Maybe the others would carry on without me though, so you can always look forward to that!

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