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Anime Food Shiritori – Meal #3: Nigirizushi

Check out the third recipe post in our collab series! I learned a lot about fish-processing from this post by Astral.

The Zodiac Room

Well now, this was an interesting meal to make. Not only was it hard to think of a meal to make after Moya dropped the “N” in my lap, but Nigirizushi isn’t the easiest thing to make, especially keeping health in mind. Since we’re dealing with raw fish here, we need to be very careful in our preparation and handling of the fish, to make sure nobody who eats it gets sick.

The other thing that’s absolutely necessary when making Nigirizushi is a very, very sharp knife. Fish is extremely delicate, especially when raw, and a blunt knife will easily destroy the flesh, which we really don’t want to have happen. I used a brand-new knife from the Shun collection, folded damascus steel, extremely sharp. While expensive, it’s a beautiful knife that’ll last a very long time, perfect for working with delicate fish.



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