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Jon’s Creator Showcase: July Post Submissions Open

Hello, wonderful people, and happy August! For whatever reason, August is my favourite month of the year. The epitome of summer vacation (yep, can’t stop thinking like a student). Special thanks to Jon Spencer for reminding me that I’m hosting my second Jon’s Creator Showcase this month which I totally forgot.

jon's creator showcase


For those new to this, the monthly showcase features posts, videos, and other content from anyone who creates, whether you have an anime website, book review blog, art channel, etc. For your work to be featured in this showcase, please submit a link of one piece you created in July that you are proud of.


I am accepting submissions on Twitter (check my Twitter account for a submissions Tweet that will be up today, or check the hashtag #JonsCreatorShowcase). Remember to tag three people so that more awesome people will be in on this! If you do not have a Twitter account, feel free to include a link in a comment beneath this post.


Looking forward to reading all your submissions!

8 thoughts on “Jon’s Creator Showcase: July Post Submissions Open

  1. Nice! Good luck with this, can’t wait to see the end result! But it’s awesome that you are the host! It’s always been a wonderful project, and one I’m glad to see is still going strong! 😊😊

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