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Anime x Lit Crit: Vampires & Valentines – Toradora! 15

(3 months later...) Oh hey, isn't this collab thing still going on? Without further comments or apologies on how long it's been, here is Toradora! 15, brought to you by Negative Primes and Moya. Finally, we have Kitamura-centric arc! That being said, this episode has done little to explain his crisis (why he bleached his hair or… Continue reading Anime x Lit Crit: Vampires & Valentines – Toradora! 15


Demon Sayer Corps(collab)[And announcements]: Kimetsu no Yaiba Ep2: Obligatory training arc

A late promotion, but in case you missed it, here’s our discussion on Episode 2 of Kimetsu no Yaiba!

*Also, congrats to Ply on his newest milestone (100 followers, yay!).

Plyasm's wormhole

Hello my lovely people! Obviously, before I officially start the post, I need to address some things.

First would be the fact that my blog got to 100 followers! Whoo!

umaru celebrations Obligatory himouto gif.

I’m honestly very thankful to all of you, and I never thought this would happen, really. Someone like me, who takes ages to get even one post out still have people who want to read what I write. I hope I’ll continue to write enjoyable posts for you to read.
*It’s also the 2nd year anniversary of the blog, mini-celeberation whoo…
**If you were expecting more from the celebrations, I’m sorry. I really can’t think of anything unique to write for now. When I think of it, I’ll make a seperate post for you all to enjoy.

And second, is going to be addressing the collab. I know, we are late and yada yada, but it really…

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