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Yomu & Moyatori Present: Yomutori Sentiment! — Umai Yomu Anime Blog

Yomu reached out to me for a vocal collab not too long ago – we covered “木枯らしセンティメント” (Kogarashi Sentiment). Coincidentally, I’ve been very in love with Chiwa Saito’s voice recently, and have had “staple stable” and “Futakotome” on loop for most of the week. Hey, Senjougahara’s not best girl to me (because Hanekawa is), but her songs are probably the realest. And Chiwa Saito’s voice~ Chevalier d’Eon is useless on FGO but I love them anyway.


Definitely a trial run though”…And Yomu ignores me and manages to put together something amazing from that! Props to the guy. My part came fairly naturally to me (Yomu definitely chose the right song), but Yomu’s part is challenging no matter how you look at it. His Kaiki voice is stunning though, especially if you’ve heard the original. Go give our cover a listen if you can’t take my word for it!

Hey everyone! Wow, have I got something exciting to share with you all!

via Yomu & Moyatori Present: Yomutori Sentiment! — Umai Yomu Anime Blog

11 thoughts on “Yomu & Moyatori Present: Yomutori Sentiment! — Umai Yomu Anime Blog

  1. Wow, Moya, you sound a lot girlier than I imagined. I kinda imagined you as being a bit more mature voiced, but wow, you sound positively youthful. Your voice is wonderful!

    Yomu’s was a bit rough in terms of pronouncing things, to be honest, but he did a fine job.

    Overall, great cover!

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    1. Ehh? Well, I must admit that I was somewhat surprised by how my voice turned out in this song myself. Chiwa Saito’s voice must have influenced me. Heck, even her voice sounds especially sweet in this song!
      Thanks for the compliments! It was one fun collab.

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  2. Okay…this is honestly the first song I listened to today, after having woken up (am checking up on wordpress posts, as I have fallen a little bit behind) and I have to say it certainly brightened my day! This was great, you both did a good job, and form a great singing duo! Well done !😊😊

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