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[Highlights] Piano no Mori 10 + 11: New Characters

Cool new characters are introduced on after another, though most of them are surely going to be eliminated just as quickly. I enjoyed the tension of the last two episodes and was on the edge of my seat with Sophie’s and Shuuhei’s performances. It’s a pity the piano pieces get cut way to short due to time constraint though.

EP. 10

piano 10.1 sophie
She handles it with such grace.
  • This woman is badass and her performance impressed me. It is a bit unfortunate that there are too few women in this show and none of them play central roles. Dear Sophie probably isn’t going to go very far…
piano 10.2 pan wei
Nobody wants you to, dude.
  • Now, Pan Wei is an interesting antagonist to have. His speech is purely savage and his performance on the piano poses an immediate threat, not to mention that his playing is nearly an exact copy of Ajino’s. I can’t wait to see him in the finale.
  • Something I question a little about the show is its underlying antagonism towards non-Japanese countries. Not to say that Piano no Mori is racist per se, but here we have a nasty Chinese fellow with slits for eyes who dumps explicitly anti-Japanese remarks, and we see how the Polish judges’ opinions are skewed in favour of their native pianists. Then again, the depiction of mean judges and competitors tends to be a bit ham-fisted in this show.

piano 10.3

  • Wow, what is this bias? Seems to contradict with his philosophy that good playing equals playing exactly as the sheet music denotes. It’s just a bit of a funny thing to say.
piano 10.4 revolutionary
Great description.
  • The way Pan Wei’s playing is describe is exactly how I imagine Chopin’s Revolutionary to be played. The above quote is also how I imagine Chopin’s personality to be like in general. So yeah, I had my fangirl moment when this piece started to play.
  • A thing that bugs me a little is how the camera sometimes zooms into still images of the pianists’ faces while they play. I wouldn’t mind it so much if it’s a slow piece, but let’s face it, nobody actually keeps their heads still when they play pieces like this.

EP. 11

piano 11.1 bad proportions

  • Come on, you gave Pan Wei so much time already, but Shuuhei’s performance only lasts for a bit? To be fair, this mirrors Shuuhei’s state of mind during his performance – his mind is barely there.
  • Oh my god, the proportions in this scene. Not only one, but two gigantic heads (see if you can spot them)! Mr. Amamiya can probably chomp down his son’s face in two bites if he feels like it.
piano 11.2 washing hands
The two are destined to meet in bathrooms
  • Shuuhei is suffering from serious OCD-like problems, and the freaky thing is that he isn’t even aware of his actions. The mental stress of competing with Kai is simply too great for him, and he faints shortly after.
  • I like Adamski. Mature personality and cool character design; totally my type. That Lech guy better not beat him…

piano 11.3 pep talk

  • It’s pep talk time! The pep talk was evidently not very effective, but more Adamski, why should I complain?
  • I like the composition of this scene. As Adamski talks about focusing on oneself and Shuuhei thinks about beating others, the camera zooms in on the pictures in the background, presumably portraits of people, all censored by beams of light like it’s hentai. Something about how focusing on others only causes you to become more dazed. Perhaps it’s worth comparing this to the time Kai admires the portraits of famous pianists in Ajino’s classroom but doesn’t actually care about who they are beyond what music they create.
piano 11.4 lech
I think I’ve discovered a new Disney princess
  • Kai meets this cryptic guy called Lech who apparently owns a forest, is Polish, gets sick before competitions, hangs out with birds, and has mind-reading abilities (which he deny). Hmm…

So far so good. If I must rate it out of 10, I’d give it a 7~7.5.

4 thoughts on “[Highlights] Piano no Mori 10 + 11: New Characters

  1. Aww. I’m sad that they cut the piano pieces short in this one! And the underlying “stereotyping” and “borderline racism” is strange… I still want to watch this one though!! I love reading your posts on it! ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Perhaps not the best piano anime out there (many prefer Shigatsu or Nodame Cantabile, neither of which I’ve seen in completion), but it’s a fairly pleasant show. Hope you have fun when you decide to watch it!

      Liked by 1 person

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