Very Late, but Hopefully Still Lovely

Guess what, it’s an award post! May is a slow month for this blog, mostly because I haven’t been posting much other than tardy episode reviews. Can’t believe I’m still occupied by so many things despite being on vacation.

I’m sorry for answering so late, but I do really love the sets of questions from Keiko, Cactus Matt, Chloe, and Aldael, so I promised them I’d get to these eventually (that was, like, in March…).


  1. Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you.
  2. Answer the 11 questions they ask.
  3. Nominate 11 bloggers for the same award in the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family.
  4. Ask them 11 questions that you are dying for the answer to!

Keiko’s Questions

Keiko said she’s bad at coming up with questions, but if you read her questions, you’ll know that it’s probably a humble lie.

Do you share your birthday with one of your favourite anime characters? (If you don’t know, use this link to check. It is in Japanese but its easy to navigate. The green box with the numbers are the months so that’s where you start. The days will appear once you choose your month and then you’ll get a list of characters.)

Itami Setsuna from Coppelion… Now, I’ve never seen the show, but her name sounds super edgy (“itami” = pain, though with a different character), so maybe I like her.

Following on from that, do you share your birthday with a character you dislike?

There’s this dude whom I no longer remember from Attack on Titan.


If you could be the protagonist of an anime, what type of protagonist would you be and what would you call yourself?

A level-headed isekai protagonist, with a classy Japanese name that has six syllables altogether.

If you were a pirate, what would you be called?

I had to look up pirate names as examples, and found this:

pirate names

I am “Sharkey Swindles,” nice to meet you all.

You have been transported to the times of King Arthur. Who would you be?

I really like Tennyson’s poem “The Lady of Shalott,” so even though the Lady isn’t a part of the Arthurian canon, I have to choose her (rather than her prototype, Elaine of Astolat). I said a long time ago that I envy pre-liberation Rapunzel, so being stranded in a tower on an island, weaving artsy webs and gazing into a magical mirror, sounds pretty exciting to me. I will be a good observer who hopefully doesn’t fall for a hot knight passing by. Though drifting off on a boat is also a very tasteful way to die. Also, this divine song version of the poem by Loreena McKennitt…*fangirls*

Artist: John William Waterhouse

Following on from that question, what would your choice of weapon and horse be called?

Ooh, my weapon would be a spindle! I’ll call it “Slumber” (thinking of Sleeping Beauty here), and my horse would be a white mare called “Drift.” Though technically, I’m not supposed to have either.

If you were caught outside in a snowstorm, what would you do?

Try to find shelter and huddle in a ball. Make up snow-related stories to entertain myself while I await help/death.

What’s one thing are you proud to own?

Two madeleine pans that allow me to make batches of 30 madeleines at once.

I skipped the refrigeration step, but this batch tasted great

What’s the weirdest song you’ve ever heard?

A number of Vocaloid songs fit in this category, but recently, this not-even-Chinese song’s been on my mind. I saw a live performance of it last year, and it was…kind of mind-blowing? The English translation of the title is “perturbed” or “anxious,” and I think it 100% suits the song.

Have you ever started watching/reading something and forced yourself to finish it despite it being terrible? If so, what was it?

Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase, thanks to the poor recommendation of a person I was hot for in high school. Oh, and this hour-long silent film with no plot that I had to watch for a class I took last year.

What anime are you planning to watch from the spring season?

Oh, look how late I am in answering these questions. I am currently watching (though no caught up on) Steins;Gate 0, Wotakoi, and Piano no Mori. There are others I’m interested in (Hinamatsuri, Tada-kun), but it’s just these for now.

Cactus Matt’s Questions

Very straight-forward questions. I enjoyed answering them.

What’s your favourite thing to drink on a cold Winter’s day?

Hot chocolate, spiked with a shot of Kahlua/Bailey’s.

What’s something that you used to love as a child (food, show, anything) that you don’t like now?

I liked acting as a child, and used to drag unwilling playmates into acting out my crappy scripts. I also acted in this 20-minute film once, which is still a fun memory today. There’s no way you can drag me into performing for the public now though.

Where do you watch the majority of your anime? (TV, computer, smart phone)

Laptop. Only the TV if my mom wants to watch something with me.

If you could have any item from an anime be real and only you’re allowed to have it, what would it be?

Always Doraemon’s pocket. It’s a bit of a cheat answer.

Do you collect anything? If so what?

Hair ties. That’s about the only thing.

If you had to describe yourself in a song lyric (or whole song) what would it be?

Here it is: a low energy introvert’s anthem.

“It looks like there’s a drinking session this time

‘I want to go!’

(I don’t really…)”

Do you own any anime figurines? If not, what character would you like to have as an anime figurine?

I don’t, but I wouldn’t mind one! I think I saw a Hitei-hime figurine that looked pretty cool. Not my favourite character from Katanagatari, but she makes a good figurine.

hitei hime fan

Say something negative about something you love.

Trying to make me a tsundere? Fine…I’ll try to be negative without lying. Bleach has way too many filler episodes and a ridiculous finale.

Say something positive about something you hate.

Sports are very healthy.

What’s one anime you wish would get another season?

Shirobako is already getting a movie, so maybe Death Parade? Too many characters need a chance to shine still. That anime is also one rare example of episodic storytelling that I really like.

You’re having a dream where you’re walking down a path across a field and the path forks off. One path goes into a grove, the other goes into a forest. Do you 1) Go to the grove, 2) Go to the forest, 3) Turn back.

Am I aware that it’s a dream? If yes, I’ll go for the forest. If no, I have no idea, since my dream self’s actions aren’t all that reliable.

Let’s cut it off right here. I guess there will be a part two. Stay tuned for part two for nominations and questions!

41 thoughts on “Very Late, but Hopefully Still Lovely

  1. Awesome answers! This post reminds me I should get to the awards I have lying around that I still haven’t gotten to yet. I sort f overloaded on awards during my Oscars week.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hitei Hime! Katanagatari represent!

    Yeah, I just remembered that a lot of Katanagatari characters don’t really work that well as figures. They’re kinda stylized to look better when moving… Like Shichika’s shirtless sleeves!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s definitely true. I did see some Togame figurines that were very intricate when I googled Katanagatari figurines, but they don’t really have the same appeal. Hitei-hime stays pretty stationary in the anime though, so I think hers works fine.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay, somebody else knows her! I had my Celtic music phase. Also really appreciate Heather Dale, and to a lesser extent Blackmore’s Night.
      As for Loreena’s music, besides this piece, I love “The Highwayman” and “Penelope’ Song,” just to name two!


      1. I had a Celtic music phase, too, although it tended more towards folk music. 😸 Highwayman is amazing. So is her Midnight Ride Across the Caucases. I should go dig up my old albums of hers…😺

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Nice! Congrats on the award!
    I don’t know whether I regretted (or not) clicking the play button for the vocaloid song. The animation is pretty hilariously cute, but more importantly… I hear the PPAP beat in the background (XD).

    Liked by 1 person

  4. “What’s one thing are you proud to own?”

    Hah… my mind also leapt to cooking. Many years ago my wife gave me a set of nesting bowls (from 1/4 cup to 2 gallons) for my birthday. Ever since, every time we move, the first thing I decide when setting up my kitchen is where I can put those bowls so that they’re within arm’s reach of my primary prep surface.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Other than bread, no… Most baking is too much like a chemistry experiment. 🙂 Too fussy in ingredient and technique.


  5. Oooo your answers were fun to read! Lady of Shalott is a wonderful poem and her mirror is pretty cool :’)
    Lol of I used that pirate naming method with my real name, I’d be Dusty Bildgepoole 😂😂 That’s so lame compared to yours lol
    Also agrees, Death Parade needs to come back for a second season! It’s too good and there were so many interesting characters that need to be developed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Loved the poem enough to write a paper on it!
      Lame pirate names are the reason that naming list exists. XD
      And I’m happy so many of you agree that Death Parade needs a second season!

      Liked by 1 person

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