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[Highlights] Piano no Mori 05: Kai’s Spirit Possesses Competitors

Got to hear some pleasant Chopin. Also, yes to more Takako!

piano 5.1

  • Interesting commentary. Is the West better for piano-playing? Nodame Cantabile seems to suggest the same. Competitive cultures can really get toxic.

piano 5.2

  • Kai can’t play the piano in the forest anymore. Kind of like how Kiki in Kiki’s Delivery Service loses her ability to fly. Kiki’s struggle really hit home for me, as you can see in this early post, but Kai’s doesn’t really do the same. Perhaps it feels all too predictable.
piano 5.3
Ajino’s coat must remain pure
  • Another interesting thing said. Perhaps Ajino, and his coat from the day of the competition, represent glory and the social world. It’s something Kai wants to protect, but sees himself as being excluded from.

piano 5.4

  • !! Kai’s mom is wearing Ajino’s coat even after agreeing to return it ASAP! Do I see something I can ship? Wait, isn’t Ajino pretty old?
piano 5.5
Freaky thing to say
  • Takako, the avenger.
piano 5.6
Saga-sensei and “Shiba-chan”
  • So all the competitors have been affected by Kai’s piano-playing. Deeply shaken even, to the point of having their performances impacted. Those poor kids. I want to say that it feels like an unlikely scenario, but if I was in their shoes, I’d probably admire somebody who throws his shoes across the stage mid-performance as well.

piano 5.7

  • Shuuhei wants to beat Kai pretty badly. Here comes the distinction between being good at competing and good at playing again. Despite looking like he was very inspired by Ajino earlier this episode, Shuuhei cannot truly appreciate his own playing while wanting to compete.
piano 5.8
Saga-sensei, wth?
  • “Shiba, buddy” was really spoken as “Shiba-chan.” A-another potential ship (what’s with me today)? I don’t get Saga-sensei. I think he only took the position of a judge for his own entertainment. So Takako gets his vote but Kai doesn’t. I also don’t really get his reasoning behind how geniuses must be crushed to maintain order. If he thinks Japan’s ways are hopeless, why not try to make a difference? Because he wants to keep his job? I guess Takako isn’t at the level of a genius, so it’s okay?

piano 5.9

  • What, Takako, no! An honourable mention for Takako is a pretty underwhelming result. Honourable mention means not in the top five… Oh well, at least she played her own piano!

Another pleasant episode that I don’t have too much to say in regards to. I wonder if we’ll get a time skip next episode to when everyone grows up? The OP suggests that it should happen soon.

6 thoughts on “[Highlights] Piano no Mori 05: Kai’s Spirit Possesses Competitors

    1. I haven’t seen the anime for Nodame (just the manga), but I feel like Nodame might be a better series overall. Of course, we still have to see where Piano no Mori goes from here!

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      1. Gotcha. I’m more familiar with the manga, too. The anime would make more sense given how music oriented Nodame is (it’s kind of hard having music in just books).

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