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This is a clickbait title. Click me! — Plyasm’s wormhole

Did you think I was going to talk some more about seasonal anime today? Ahaha…I am too lazy for that. Here, have something better – a collab I did with fellow anibloggers on clickbait anime titles!

You are now checking out the post, that is for sure. But is it really because the title of this post is somewhat click-baity? The idea popped out of a certain poo poo’s mind after having conversed about some of the titles for anime in 2018 Spring Season being somewhat plain and obvious but […]

via This is a clickbait title. Click me! — Plyasm’s wormhole

10 thoughts on “This is a clickbait title. Click me! — Plyasm’s wormhole

  1. That was a fun read- though I didn’t click for the title. (Just scrolling through my feed and I’m like- Oh, Moyatori posted)
    I can’t say I regret watching many anime because of expectations- cus I do my best to go in with none. Then again, there are just a few, like King’s Game and Junji Ito Collection where I’m like…
    Why. Why did I sit through this!? (For both of those, it’s definitely the opening songs, cus I’m edgy!)

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    1. Wow, are you saying that my name works as well as clickbait? I feel…kind of flattered.
      Yeah, I think it’s pretty hard to regret an anime when episodes are only 24 min. long and you can quit at any point you want (unless you’re a completionist). If you don’t get emotionally scarred that easily, no show can be too big of a regret.

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      1. Hehe. I don’t deny that interpetation!
        With any piece of media, I usually don’t feel my time is wasted watching anything. I can always call it a ‘learning experience’. You can learn just as much from a really bad show as from a really good show.
        But yeah, the short run times, when compared with hour long American tv shows, is definitely a source of anime’s appeal for me. (Also anime try way more often to tell an actually creative story!)
        Congrats on a successful collab- keep up the good work!

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      2. I’m a little less keen on the learning experience thing, though I really do agree with the idea behind it. I’ll still gain something from a show I dislike, but I would probably have lots of regrets if I end up watching Libra of Nil Admirari over Wotakoi this season with the limited time I have.
        Glad you enjoyed the post!

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