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[Highlights] Violet Evergarden 11: Violet Flies Again

I know…the whole point of this episode is totally not Violet descending from the sky, but I found that to be the best part. The actual plot of this episode didn’t hit me as hard as the last.

VE 11.1
This show is great at naming things
  • I feel like the anime relies a bit too much on exposition for world-building, and I’m still quite confused about who’s fighting who and the whole state of affairs at this point. It also seems a bit unnatural that Claudia is just reiterating things everyone is already expected to know to Cattleya. I guess the war drama just isn’t the central focus of the narrative, now that Violet wants nothing to do with it?

VE 11.3

  • The whole ambush scene was gripping. I hate having to see our episode’s protagonist through the enemy’s lens. The horrors of war are more real in this anime than in most.
VE 11.4
Great desktop wallpaper
  • Here comes Violet. She’s been making more and more incredible decisions on her own these days… She not only takes up the letter request on her own, but comes up with the ingenious idea of having herself dropped off from a plane in order to reach the battlefront. It was quite a sight.

VE 11.12

  • Aiden, the customer this time, sees some sort of suspicious angel from heaven. This scene really reminded me of the flying over water scene in episode 7. The anime is bent on romanticizing Violet as some angel of salvation.

VE 11.5

  • A troop of grown men with firearms surrenders to Violet due to her scary history on the battlefield. I still don’t understand how Violet is so overpowering. What made even less sense is how she managed to find Aiden right away. Did she spot him from above like that? Anyways, this entire scene is bizarre, but it’s also kind of where the joy of watching it is.

VE 11.6

  • Aiden has a flashback. It’s again emphasized that having beautiful dolls do the job of writing/delivering letters is as crucial to the package as the letter itself. Perhaps even more crucial, I’d say. Letters of love must be delivered by lovely figures? With how Violet curtsies every time and says those lines about customer service, I feel like this whole Auto Memoir Doll service thing works a lot like a maid cafe.

VE 11.7

  • Aiden is dying. I’m quite surprised that he didn’t survive, after all his struggles and after Violet’s intervention. He dictates a letter to his parents and to the woman he loves.
  • I didn’t feel for his letters as much. The context is certainly depressing, but perhaps I’ve seen such scenes too frequently in media, and Violet Evergarden didn’t provide anything too original for me. Perhaps the last episode worked because it was more subtle in how feelings are conveyed. The way everything unfolds is fairly straightforward in this episode.

VE 11.8

  • Nice to see everyone breathe a sigh of relief for Violet’s safety. Claudia facepalms.
VE 11.9
A letter from Aiden??
  • And…the dramatic irony. Maria is quite lovely. She doesn’t have much personality, but I guess it’s hard for an episodic side character to actually have a personality. I wish she wasn’t such a standard Danny Boy’s lover though.

VE 11.10

  • People cry. Violet is thanked for delivering the letter by both the mom and Maria.

VE 11.11

  • Violet is overwhelmed by the fact that she’s being thanked, because she feels guilty for not having been able to save Aiden. She’s probably also reminded of the guilt for having killed many men on the battlefield before as well. The episode ends with the line “I don’t want anyone else to die.”

Another pleasant episode. Not as outstanding as the previous two, but it certainly isn’t a bore either. I’m adding that parachute scene to my wallpaper collection.

5 thoughts on “[Highlights] Violet Evergarden 11: Violet Flies Again

  1. I’m still on the fence about this one! It sounds good… But, the fact that you are still confused this far in leads me to believe there’s no hope for me. Lol! I’ll continue to follow you on your journey and we’ll see where we end up!!

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    1. We’ll see then! Lots of people really enjoyed it though. If you like the subject of emotional feeling or are simply looking to get hit in the feels, this might do it for you. I’m the type who’s immune to most emotional cliches, so I feel like it’s an okay show. Well, beautiful visuals and sound still!

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