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[Highlights] Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho 09: The Love of Cloud-like People

This episode felt like a filler in the beginning, but it didn’t turn out to be about what it claims to be about at all. Wait…what happened to Gin’s type being “someone like clouds”? In the end, the episode’s more interested in exploring the relationship between Gin and Shirase, which is probably more interesting than her relationship with that random dude anyways.

sora yori 9.1

  • Wow, this is from Gin’s account! Atelier Emily’s post on the use of social media in Yorimoi breaks down the significance of each episode heading’s presentation better than I can; I’d highly recommend giving that a read.
  • Who doesn’t like some cheesy romance in an otherwise romance-free show? Well, I guess many people don’t. I’m pretty easily entertained by these things, but this was totally out of the blue. You can’t just pull a random guy out of nowhere and try to ship him with someone cool! Thankfully, Yorimoi didn’t end up doing that. The beginning parts were still really cheesy and somewhat forced though.
sora yori 9.2
  • Shirase playing with Gin in a flashback. Well, Gin doesn’t exactly play; she tells Shirase that “it’s wrong to give money to strangers”. Totally me when I hang out with children…

sora yori 9.3

  • But they both like penguins! I’ve drawn comparisons between these two previously, and I’m really glad to see their bond explored. They’re both closed-off, ambitious, stubborn, and secretly passionate. And apparently, Shirase’s personality has been influenced by Gin, as shown in the flashback. Gin was presumably the one who inspired her to become a more persevering person, beginning from jump-roping.
sora yori 9.4
After Takako’s death
  • Gin takes the blame for Takako’s death. A leader’s natural response, I suppose. Shirase is in…middle school at the time? Old enough to understand the risks of an Antarctic expedition and the fact that it’s not really Gin’s fault.
  • Gin and Shirase are shaped by the same tragic experience. As similar people, they both react to this by throwing themselves into a challenge to achieve what Takako didn’t – that is, to see what Takako saw and come back safely.

sora yori 9.5

  • The poor guy is confused when Gin says that she likes people who are like clouds. Shirase helps interpret her words as meaning something that is in sight but constantly out of reach. Gin is a woman of ambition, and maybe that’s just how she sees things in life. Somebody more concerned with having a goal than the feeling of reaching it? I can see that. I wonder how that translates to her love life though. I think she most likely wouldn’t have one.

sora yori 9.6

  • Aww, this was cute. I like pigtail Shirase the best, by the way. Shirase’s friends are always watching her, it seems. Geez, leave her alone for once! I’m starting to wonder if any character can converse without being overheard in this anime.

sora yori 9.7

  • There it is again. Friends who care too much are…scary.
  • Confrontation! This is quite the Yorimoi thing to do and I still enjoy watching it. I love how brutally honest everyone is in this show. Shirase is able to clarify that she understands it’s not Gin’s fault, but also admit that she still feels upset about the loss of her mother (possibly still blaming Gin for it, to some extent). Heartbreaking flashbacks ensue. Unlike the time with Kimari and Megumi, Shirase shows how letting go can be a much more arduous process.
sora yori 9.8
  • Here’s the motivational part of the episode! I didn’t know ships could do that! I can’t help but feel concerned about the amount of ice they’re breaking though, which is affecting my enjoyment a bit. I’m sure they weigh the consequences of what they’re doing, but…is that really okay? I thought Antarctica’s ice was melting already – wouldn’t this accelerate it?
sora yori 9.9
  • Oh my, if this guy isn’t the original side character! I had to laugh at this scene. He’s most definitely not a cloud, based on Gin’s standards… If he’s a cloud, he must be the fluffy cotton candy type.

sora yori 9.10

  • Antarctica at last! The girls’ first expressions aren’t those of wonder, but shock at the cold. Finally – anime characters who can feel the cold (and dress appropriately in the cold too)!
  • And then a bit of cringy, cathartic shouting. I like how the first thing Shirase thinks of is how she owned all the people who looked down at her. Shirase is not somebody who forgets about such things even for an instant, unlike her friend Kimari. Gin is pretty much the same, apparently, as she follows after the girls’ “in your face!” shouts.
sora yori 9.11
Mysterious message at the end
  • Took me a while to figure out who Tamiko is, but if I’m not mistaken, that’s Yuzu’s mom. Is best girl Yuzu getting the focus of the next episode now? Yorimoi’s been pretty faithful in following the foreshadowing at the end of previous episodes so far, so it’s probably safe to expect that. Great, I look forward to it!

That’s it for today! Can’t believe I made a post on this when I have a midterm tomorrow…no no no no no I don’t want to think about it. Happy Wednesday/Thursday.

13 thoughts on “[Highlights] Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho 09: The Love of Cloud-like People

    1. To be honest, Yorimoi isn’t something I’d complete if not for the fact that I’m reviewing it. It’s certainly a great show – many people think of it as the anime of the season. It really comes down to individual tastes. If you’re fond of cute girls, subtle storytelling, and educational elements in anime, then this might be the show for you!

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  1. Good job on the review. Sounds like things are getting more interesting now that they are in Antarctica. Also, great point about characters dressing appropriately. How many times have you seen anime series where the characters are either overdressed or underdressed for the weather or place?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s a completely differ kind of show, but it’s a good one. Yugo is a hostage negotiator who travels all over the world to save people. However, he can’t use violence. He has to use his words, wits, and willpower. In the anime, he visits Pakistan and Russia in different arcs. Also, it’s the directorial debut of Seiji Kishi who’s way more famous for Danganrompa, Yuki Yuna Is a Hero, and the Persona series.

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      2. Huh, interesting. It’s rare to see anime go into historical/political events that have to do with real countries. That certainly sounds like quite the show.

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      3. Definitely. It was fun rewatching it after not seeing Yugo in years and I got to review that overlooked anime. Also, I liked the English dub a lot with the voice acting and it corrects a huge mistake that the Japanese language track makes in a plot point.

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  2. “I thought Antarctica’s ice was melting already – wouldn’t this accelerate it?”

    No. They’re just moving the ice about, not melting it. The water you see being pumped from the ship isn’t heated, it’s just seawater taken in and then pumped out the bow to act as a lubricant.

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    1. Wow, you sure are informed! I didn’t think that it was melting it, but I was surprised that they were slicing the ice up. I’m sure they know what they’re doing perfectly well, but pieces of ice separating from each other has always been depicted as such a bad thing 😂

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