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[Highlights] Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho 08: Cured by a Tempest

I predicted that they’d get to Antarctica this episode, but I was wrong. I had forgotten that Australia and Antarctica aren’t exactly close… This episode had been educational and was pleasant overall.

sora yori 8.2

  • Finally setting sail! I would have thought that Kimari and Shirase would be the ones to topple over. Maybe Shirase is tall enough to not have to lean far?
sora yori 8.3
  • Yorimoi…I feel so offended. Not that I’m a 17/16-year-old anymore, but I sure was unproductive back then. Good for you girls…
  • To be more cynical than I need to: how much of it was really their accomplishment? Shirase earned a million yen but didn’t end up having to use it, and everyone kind of got a free ride because of Yuzuki. I think it makes more sense this way, but the sense of achieving a dream rather than having it granted would probably be more powerful.
sora yori 8.4
Because Shirase is poking the mic right into someone’s face…
  • Honestly, just let Yuzuki do the job… She’s there for this very purpose!
  • I said that Hinata was best girl earlier on, but now I’m changing my mind. Best girl is Yuzuki! She’s realistic and adorable. I also like her voice (though I like Hinata’s voice as well; she reminds me of Nozomi from Love Live!).

sora yori 8.5

  • Just look at those mountains of rice Shirase and Kimari are about to eat! And Yuzuki, as expected, eats very little. I was curious to see how much Hinata’s eating, but it never gets shown. I still love how subtly Yorimoi slips in extra info for its viewers.
sora yori 8.6
Safety precautions
  • You can sure learn a lot from certain Cute Girls Doing Cute Things shows. I don’t watch documentaries all that much and have no real life experience, but the anime seems to be a pretty accurate depiction of sea expeditions. I like learning new things while being entertained.
  • *Squints*…is that the Hindu god Lord Ganesha?! Oh my, it is. Has this plushie always been there (I only noticed it just now)?

sora yori 8.8

  • Sea-sickness. According to Kanae, land-sickness is a thing too. I did not know that. Anyways, this looks and sounds dreadful. It’s probably the first major obstacle the girls experience since they were granted permission to embark on this journey.
sora yori 8.7
Free will!
  • The choice to be a part of this dangerous expedition is an accomplishment in itself, I suppose. The girls suck up their sea-sickness and embrace their challenges. Maybe because the major conflict is not so much internal this episode, the emotional impact to me as a viewer wasn’t as strong as some of the previous episodes.
sora yori 8.9
Shirase, the Odyssean leader
  • This sounds more epic with the background music. Honestly, Yorimoi is pretty good at choosing OSTs and insert songs at the right moment.
  • Gin also mentioned seeing the storm as a battle earlier on. I’m really liking her more and more now. People who see a challenge in everything are great…
sora yori 8.10
This…doesn’t look okay
  • They basically slide right down to the railing and get swallowed by gigantic waves multiple times… Isn’t it freezing out there? I bet they’re all gonna be sick next episode.
sora yori 8.11
Antarctica is in sight
  • Not a bouquet of fresh flowers, but flowers safely kept in a glass dome. I feel like this speaks something about Gin’s character. But on a practical level, it’s so that they can last for a while in Antarctica?

It was a nice episode. If I have to name one complaint for the series so far, it’s that I wish the girls’ bonds got developed more. The reason it feels a bit lacking to me is because although Yorimoi does an excellent job showing how intimate they are as a group through the subtle details in their daily interactions, we know too little about most of the characters to truly feel the bond that they’re developing. Especially Kimari and Hinata – it would be nice to know more about those two’s stories. Unless Kimari just doesn’t have a story, in which case I would be kind of disappointed.

9 thoughts on “[Highlights] Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho 08: Cured by a Tempest

  1. Every year I say that I’ll start getting into the seasonal anime but it never really happens. I’ve watched 1 this season so that’s a start

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  2. “I think it makes more sense this way, but the sense of achieving a dream rather than having it granted would probably be more powerful.”

    There was certainly some deus ex machina at work there… But as we saw in this episode, they’re still having to work at it, and they’re still facing the experiences and consequences. I’d say that’s a fair trade. It’s not like “poof and here we are in Antarctica”.

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