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[Highlights] Violet Evergarden 06: Stargazing with a Tsundere

Wait, what happened to naval captain Dietfried?! Did he just drop by to say hello angrily last episode? This episode kind of disappointed me. It’s totally watchable, but I didn’t start Violet Evergarden to get a “watchable” show. If you like tsundere guys (who happen to be very pretty), maybe you’ll enjoy it a lot more than I did.

VE 6.1
Luculia is back! For like 10 seconds
  • People generally seem to like Luculia, so I guess they brought her back? I don’t have particular feelings for her, but I prefer hair-down Luculia. And that other girl…Iberis? I think I kind of like her. I like to ship side characters, and her straightforwardness with that guy she got paired up with makes her quite likable.
VE 6.2
Bungaku shoujo Leon
  • Why is Leon so pretty? If his eyes were a tad purpler, I’d call him Cattleya’s sibling…
  • This episode takes us back to the format of seeing Violet through an episodic character’s point of view. And does he see anything different from his predecessors in the series? He calls Violet an “ordinary girl”, so I guess that’s something different. He starts out with the standard cold and hostile attitude though, which was a bit of a turn-off for me. Don’t just be Iris all over again!
VE 6.3
Some weird text they’re transcribing
  • I’m not sure if there’s a symbolic significance behind the story of this text, but I kind of feel like whoever made it up probably just pieced together a bunch of tropes from old texts all into one. It’s a pretty reasonable thing to do if you’re making an anime, but the whole comet thing in this episode makes me feel like the text should mean something.
  • “The arrow of light pierced through the dark heavens. Its long tail slashed the head of St. Barbarossa. According to Astrologer Ariadna, the arrow of light was a bad omen. After it passed, the plague spread, and the king’s death shook the country. St. Barbarossa was also pierced with the arrow of light which separated his body and soul. The arrow of light appeared in the past as well, according to the words of Ariadna. According to the legend it’s also known for taking the bride of King Reinhardt, the king of the land of fairies. The light brought death to nobility. Women became royal mistresses. Men were sacrificed at the banquet.”

  • Got this passage from Ayano’s review of the same episode over on KAWAIIPAPERPANDAS. Definitely go check her review out! So…the text. Random, right? I know. I guess it’s just saying that the Ally Comet is pretty bad stuff. It brings good things to Violet and Leon though – well, to Leon, at least. Times are changing, and no evil stays as it is forever. Hope and reconciliation and stuff. I don’t know how convincing this is, but we can probably interpret it that way.

VE 6.4

  • “Ordinary girl” is a compliment, I guess. Somehow, I don’t really feel invested in their relationship. It feels like it only happened because they were set up together at the beginning of the episode. We get introduced to Leon through his cool attitude and allusions to his generically tragic backstory. I guess I didn’t find him to be intriguing enough, and since I don’t have strong feelings for Violet either, I don’t feel like I care enough about them getting together. Besides, he’s so obviously an episodic character…
VE 6.5
Leon invites Violet to stargaze and abuses baguette
  • This was the highlight of the episode for me. That moment when I actually felt like Leon was being pretty freakin’ adorable. Hmm…probably not a baguette, is it? Baguettes aren’t this malleable. But who knows, maybe I just eat the wrong types of bread.

VE 6.6

  • Do we really need this conversation every episode? Sighs… Just get over it, Violet.

VE 6.7

  • We all know already that Violet has trouble understanding emotions. I actually appreciated how this bit of the conversation expanded on that: she understands the criteria for certain emotions but doesn’t know if she’s feeling it. Here’s where Leon comes in to help her refine her emotion checklist so that she realizes that she’s actually pretty lonely.
  • You’d have to wonder why though. No matter how depraved or how conditioned, soldiers don’t generally behave like robots? Is this truly how childhood deprivation works? Repression? Honestly, I want to know what they did to her.
VE 6.8
Oh my, Leon, were you reading Prince Damian’s letters?
  • I think it’s really cool that they have gondolas. I would like to see more of this world’s unique architecture and technology.
  • Leon and Violet part. The next time we see Leon is probably in the ED credits at the end of the last episode. I don’t know if this episode was significant enough to Violet’s growth. She showed a good amount of development last episode, writing decent letters and making critical decisions and all that. She doesn’t really do much this episode, and the conversations that involved her seem to focus more on Leon’s perspective and growth instead.

Violet Evergarden continues to be pretty, but the repetitiveness is a bit off-putting. It won’t ever be a struggle to finish an episode, but I wish there’s more to it. I think the best way for this anime to be salvaged is expanding more on the critical backstory of Violet. On the bright side though, I’m really loving the music. The ED is also growing on me.

One thought on “[Highlights] Violet Evergarden 06: Stargazing with a Tsundere

  1. I’m totally agreeing with you here. As much as I love the series, I am beginning to wonder if every episode is going to be more or less the same. I really thought that after last week’s cliffhanger (we’ll sort of) things would head in a different direction. And then….nothing. I really was disappointed at not continuing with the story they left it at last week. But, as Ayano said..I do think that in all likelyhood they will have done this deliberately. If not…well, than this series is becoming a little bit too repetitive. Let’s see what happens next week. Great post as always! 😊😊

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