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[Highlights] Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho 07: Fremantle Feels

This was one strong episode. It’s building up to something great–I can feel it already.

sora yori 7.1
When you’re trying to focus but your friend makes faces at you
  • This episode did a lot to make Gin a more relatable character. I’ve been waiting for her to get some alone time with Shirase since she was introduced, and she gets that as well in this episode. Everybody on the expedition has a bit of Shirase’s spirit in them, but Gin is probably the adult Shirase in this anime.
sora yori 7.2
Looks like my high school yearbook
  • The support poster is pretty empty. Kind of heart-warming though. “Do your best,” “love you,” “from Dad,” “have fun”…wait, was the “have fun” sarcastic, because there’s a “haha” bracketed beside it? Anyways… The expedition team is in a bit of an awkward financial situation.

sora yori 7.3

sora yori 7.4

  • You’re adorable, please never change…

sora yori 7.5

  • Kanae does seem like the drunk oneechan type. And wait…don’t tell me the girls didn’t even have a hiding place when they were spying?!

sora yori 7.6

  • We finally get more than a glimpse of Shirase’s mom, Takako. We still don’t really know what happened to her in the end (probably death, but how?), but I guess that has to be saved for dramatic effect. Gin and Kanae’s goal of getting to Antarctica is the same as Shirase’s and has to do with the same person (Takako), but with Gin and Kanae, this determined fantasy is probably mingled with stuff like guilt as well. This episode really made me feel for those two.
sora yori 7.7
Why does this look like public shaming?
sora yori 7.8
Don’t these people look a bit too happy?
  • Suspecting that Kanae’s the one who has a thing for high school girls, given that she mentioned “high school girls” twice already in this episode. It was nice to see everyone gathered with a common purpose like this, and to see the girls incorporated into this group. Especially when everyone there is a veteran from the fatal trip three years ago, and probably share the same scars to some extent.

sora yori 7.9

  • Out of everyone, Kimari’s goal is the weakest. Even though Hinata said basically the same thing, her cheerfulness suggests that there’s something else she’s hiding that’s driving her (especially after the last episode). Kimari just wants a more exciting life and chooses to tag along with her friend because she can’t think of a personally significant goal herself. It’s realistic and valid, I guess–I just wish she was a bit more interesting of a character, since the series seems to be framing her as the protagonist by starting the first episode with her perspective and having the OP start with a shot of her.
sora yori 7.10
Shirase introduces herself
  • I love this expression. Shirase is so socially awkward. This is probably the high point of the episode, where Shirase vocalizes her determination to follow her mom’s trail in front of everyone and receives the crew’s approval and acceptance – because everyone gets her after what has happened. The insert song adds a lot of bonus feels to the scene.

Next episode is when Antarctica happens! Probably? At least by the end of the next episode we should get there. I see a lot of promise ahead.

6 thoughts on “[Highlights] Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho 07: Fremantle Feels

  1. Have to admit I found the “they’re not legal” line was a bit creepy and unnecessary, especially for a show that appears to eschew the usual lascivious approach applied to to high school girls. Then again, this IS anime so… :/

    Anyway, it’s been a great show so far, fingers crossed this was just a minor, one off misstep.

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