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7 Yandere Songs to Listen to if You’re in Need of Some Love

Hello, hello. Can’t believe I’m actually doing this post (in time for Valentine’s Day, obviously)! I had this idea after stumbling into the wrong corner of YouTube Vocaloid MVs, which I used to watch the heck out of in my early otaku days. I’m assuming you all know what a yandere is. In case you don’t, a yandere is someone who is romantically obsessed, often characterized by twisted, violent behaviour and thinking. So yeah, trigger warnings. This post will be divided into levels of yandere-ness for your benefit. ๐Ÿ™‚

Yandere Level: Creepy

ใ‚‚ใ†ใใ†โ™กใˆใใ™ใทใ‚Œใ™/Mousou Express (Kana Hanazawa):: “What? But it’s Kana Hanazana singing an adorable song!” But note the laughter in the beginning and listen closely to all those “zenbu’s”. The amount of obsession in this song… I watched Bakemonogatari, but I must confess that I haven’t gotten around to seeing the rest of the Monogatari series yet, so I can’t exactly comment on Nadeko’s yandere level. She is definitely a highly problematic character though, and this song exemplifies that.

Cutie Panther (BiBi): If you think about it, Cutie Panther’s lyrics are freakin’ creepy. I say this because my first exposure to Love Live! was my friend whispering the line “็ฒ็‰ฉใฏโ€ฆๅ›ใ ใ‚ˆ!” (the prey is you!) close to my ear during a sleepover. I will forever be haunted by that memory.

Yandere Level: Chilling

Beast in the Beauty (luz): this one came out of a song series called “Royal Scandal”, which I highly recommend. The series is loaded with obsessiveness, promiscuity, and gorgeous art. While this one’s story is quite predictable from the beginning, I still enjoy it for what it is. A lot of female rage in this one.

็‹ใƒŽๅซๅ…ฅใƒช/The Fox’s Wedding (Rin Kagamine): I love anything related to the Japanese folklore of fox weddings. It’s a very pretty song. So far, all the yanderes featured in the “Chilling” category are pretty easy to sympathize with. Truth be told, I prefer Hanatan’s cover of the song, but I chose this video because that one doesn’t have English subbed versions.

Yandere Level: Perverse

*Here’s where the trigger warning comes into effect! Depictions of homicide and necrophilia.

ๆ„›ใ—ๅญใ‚ˆ/Beloved Child (RURUTIA): the most twisted thing about this song is probably the fact that it has a misleading title and constantly addresses a “beloved child”, who one can infer to be an unfaithful partner. This MV has no subtitles, unfortunately, but I can tell you that the lyrics talk of possessiveness and strangulation. I thought it was a lullaby when I downloaded it after listening to its beginning parts, but boy was I wrong! The MV features the woman boxing something up. I don’t think you need to be super imaginative to be able to guess what that something is, after she drugs her lover and washes her hands in the end and all that.

ใƒใ‚ฏใƒญใฎ่Šฑๅซ/The Necrophile’s Bride (Bis): A doctor and a dead lady, dancing. The only male yandere on the list. What makes this song disconcerting for me is that it’s actually based on a real story involving a necrophiliac doctor, Carl Tanzler. There’s a documentary of him if you’re into those things. Thank you, YouTube’s comment section. The lyrics are faithful to the story down to specific descriptions of how the body is preserved. Honestly, I don’t know how I feel about that.

ๅ††ๅฐพๅ‚ใฎไป•็ซ‹ๅฑ‹/Tailor Shop on Enbizaka (Luka Megurine): If we’re talking Vocaloid yandere songs, most of you should know this one. I discovered this song in the beginning of high school, and it kind of traumatized me. In retrospect, it’s not actually that horrible. Putting the song here feels like a bit of a spoiler, but you should be able to figure out how it works pretty easily if you’re not diverted like I was when I first watched the video.

So there you go. This isn’t a list of the most brutal yandere songs I can think of, but a list of ones that I actually kind of like. Have yourself a happy Valentine’s Day. What are your favourite yandere songs/yanderes in general?

25 thoughts on “7 Yandere Songs to Listen to if You’re in Need of Some Love

  1. Monogatari Series Second Season is definitely one of the high points of the Monogatari franchise. The Nadeko arc (which uses “Mousou Express” as the theme song) was.. twisted.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Gotta admit,
    I did not expect to see Love Live! going into this post xD

    As such, I’ll raise you another one!
    Here’s “Shadow Gate to Love” by Guilty Kiss (lol title alone gets top marks)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I may be sick and confined to bedrest with the flu…
    But Nadeko from Monogatari summoned me!
    In terms of individual songs… I love the contrast between Nadeko’s two openings and her character.
    #justMonogatariThings, ya know?
    Also, gotta be that guy who recommends continuing to watch the series. ‘Monogatari Second Season’ especially, since watching all the ways that Araragi FAILED to really solve everyone’s problems… and well I think that Monogatari has an interesting perspective on what heroism really is.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Wow…Nadeko’s summoning power…
      Yeah, I’m definitely going to get to it. In fact, I was a few episodes into Nisemonogatari when school started again. It’s just that I’ll have to wait many months before I can actually watch more than two episodes of the seasonal anime I’m following each week…
      And I can already see the contrast between the two OPs. To be honest, I think there are more similarities than differences. The obsession and extremism are kind of already there. Mousou Express just took it one little step further…

      Liked by 2 people

      1. *temptation to completely spoil intensifies*
        Nadeko aside… as much as I hate to leave it at that-
        Nisemono is probably the least interesting part of the show to watch. I mean, it flat out states what the show naturally conveys otherwise. It’s enjoyable yeah, and has best girl Kaiki, but it’s the least intriguing of the series.
        So uh… yeah, I don’t blame ya if you’re not too interested in picking it back up for a bit.
        Nice detection on the OPs, btw. I sure didn’t catch it on my first watch, until it was too late!
        Nisio! I’m tellin ya! Unmatched in my opinion!

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      2. I am interested, but I feel like the Monogatari series deserves my full attention when I watch it. Honestly, aside from the two shows I review on a weekly basis, I only have the energy to watch Hakumei to Mikochi or something.
        I’m already liking a lot of the Monogatari songs for what they say about the characters. Just from watching Bakemonogatari, I’d say Tsubasa is best girl~

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      3. The more I see about the good ol class pres, the more I feel for her.
        If it were any other series, I’d agree with you. Tsubasa’s fantastic!
        But in Monogatari, I have to place Shinobu firmly above her. Just. GOD. Tier.
        There’s a reason why Kizumonogatari is my favorite book ^-^

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  4. Did somebody mention Monogatari series? XD
    I finished the second season just a few weeks ago, and I absolutely adore Mousou Express among all the other OP in it. It’s maybe one of the few Calm voiced songs that I actually love.

    I listened to Necrophile’s bride, since the title was way too creepy and somehow, I liked it….. Is it bad? XD

    PS: you wanted to know how messed up Nadeko is, right? Well, judge her based on these two dialogues then:

    “I love Koyomi nii-chan a lot! That’s why I’m going to kill him!”

    “Wouldn’t it be even more romantic if he’s dead?”

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    1. Lol… I enjoyed listening to Necrophile’s Bride too, which is how it ended up on the list.
      As for Nadeko…I wasn’t exactly expecting that! I look forward to finally finishing Nisemonogatari though~

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