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[Highlights] Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho 06: Singapore and Durians

This was a fun episode! The girls finally leave Japan and arrive at Singapore. All the energy that I thought was missing from the past three episodes is back at full force. Durians are gross.

sora yori 6.1
Shirase contacts mom before setting flight
  • She does it so naturally that I have to think for a moment before remembering that her mom’s missing, and is most likely dead. I’m anticipating some powerful drama when Shirase does get forced to confront this reality at some point in the future.
sora yori 6.2
  • Damn, I just love airplane food. I love the moment of removing the aluminum foil from the main dish, and I do genuinely enjoy the dish, all the time. I’ve been on many airlines and honestly don’t get why people hate airplane meals so much…don’t you love surprises? Anyways. I just had my fangirl moment with the food. Anime food sure is getting prettier and prettier these days…
  • THEY HAVE DESSERT TOO. Individual servings on pretty plates. What is this…
sora yori 6.3
Yuzuki is getting tired…of her plebeian friends
  • Loved watching what they do on the plane. Kimari plays games, Shirase cries at penguin documentaries, Yuzuki naps professionally, and Hinata…is apparently studying English for her college entrance exams! Didn’t even notice that until I looked more closely at this screenshot. Still not exactly sure what Hinata’s school situation is – she’s shrouded in many mysteries.
sora yori 6.4
Yuzuki is confused
  • Awkward photo posing. The girls still treat Yuzuki like she’s special sometimes, which I guess is sort of inevitable. We can see Yuzuki feeling slightly uncomfortable about it though – there’s always this momentary pause before she figures out what to do. I like Yuzuki’s dress. It suits her innocent and refreshing aura and looks very comfortable.
sora yori 6.5
Hinata lost her passport…
  • The anime did a good job depicting how Hinata struggles with being the one to drag everyone down. Since her friends discover that she has lost her passport, Hinata’s face is never shown. These shots, as well as the mellow music played when Hinata talks to Shirase, makes her cheery voice sound awfully wrong.
  • I wonder what Hinata’s backstory is. She hates being pitied by others with a passion, and insists on being the one to make sacrifices. It’s totally relatable, at least for me anyways, but I was surprised to see this in Hinata.
sora yori 6.6
Shirase is self-aware
  • Episodic confession time! I still love how honest all these characters are being around each other. There’s something relieving about watching these scenes. It’s not just Shirase either. Hinata doesn’t conceal her insecurities about being pitied at all either. Good communication.
sora yori 6.7
Intense things tend to happen at the airport
  • After slapping a scary amount of money onto the table, Shirase confesses some more! And then she declares her priorities. She’s definitely the one in the group with the greatest drive to act on things, and that’s probably my favourite thing about her.
sora yori 6.8
And all is fine in the end~
  • Shirase finds Hinata’s passport in her purse. I kind of expected the passport to magically turn up, but I have to say that having it show up in someone else’s purse is probably the most realistic choice they can make. All is fine now.
  • For anyone fortunate enough to not have been exposed to this fruit, let me reiterate that durians are truly horrendous things. There was a time when my dad took the advice of a naturopath and decided that he must eat durian every day in order for his cortisol levels to return to normal. The house smelled like durians for many months straight. Every container that abominable fruit ever touched smelled even after repeated washing. This stuff is super expensive in North America too. A whole durian can cost up to $70 CAD. Eat durians at your own risk!

So yes, I really liked this episode! But man, they’re not even in Antarctica yet at the halfway mark. And Fremantle’s going to take another episode, at least. I don’t mind it – I like seeing different countries. Not quite what I expected from the snowy OP though!

32 thoughts on “[Highlights] Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho 06: Singapore and Durians

    1. Oops! Have I offended a local? Well, I kinda expected a durian lover to comment on this post. 😁 You either love it or you don’t. Kinda like stinky tofu. It’s mostly the lingering smell for me…those months with durian in the house was like living hell


  1. This was a great episode that made me both laugh out loud and tear up in the same episode. Everything about this anime has been great so far and I’m glad that you are also enjoying the heck out of it!
    On a side note, do you suppose there is a way for me to contact you somehow? There’s something I want to talk to you about πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sure! For this blog, I have a Twitter and a Gmail. If you go to my “contacts” page on the blog, whatever you comment would get sent as an email. Alternatively, you can contact me via one of my two Facebook accounts. I don’t check my stress relief mindless gaming account as frequently though πŸ˜‚

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  2. Had the chance to try durian ice cream once, thought “what the hell” and bought a small portion… one tiny taste and the whole thing went into the garbage can. Just to be sure, the furthest garbage can from where we were sitting.

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  3. I’m really glad they’re putting focus on traveling, it’s not something we see in anime often, and Madhouse is doing a really good job at it. Plenty of shots, locations, good backgrounds, it’s a really nice experience. I also don’t know how interesting 9+ episodes set in Antarctica could be. As for the airplane food, I’ve noticed that the food on asian airlines is delicious, fried rice etc. I usually dislike the meals served on western plane’s though, chicken or pasta, it always feels kinda off.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I enjoy the travel parts as well. I guess it’s just not what I expected, but I really don’t mind! I think 9+ episodes of Antarctica could be interesting though~ Penguins and potentially survival drama, why not? 😁
      I usually eat Asian airline food, and I have no complaints. I kind of enjoy suspicious pasta with reheated frozen veggies too though (I know, I have no standards). XD

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  4. This was a very amusing episode indeed. I also marveled at all the food served on the plane. All my airplane meals have basically been limited to a sandwich and some peanuts lest the passenger starve. But, I’ve never seen that much food on an airplane.

    It should be fun to see what happens when they land in Australia.

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      1. Those are my memories travelling on American Airlines and Delta during four or five hour flights. Though, I haven’t been on a flight of that length in years. Maybe things have changed for the better of late.

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    1. Heh, the portion sizes were one of the two unrealistic features of the plane rides. The other was the amount of space they had between the rows of seats. Seriously?! That’s like 2 1/2 times the space I’m used to getting! What airline are they on???

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      1. Haha, it is a bad idea to eat durian in the house. If you are at my hometown right now everywhere you go you will smell durian. πŸ’€πŸ”ͺπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  5. Thank you so much. I also love my country ❀. I never visited other countries before πŸ˜‚. It’s sure nice if I can visit Taiwan and Canada in the future!


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