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[Highlights] Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho 05: Megumi’s Jealousy

This episode was quite different from the previous ones – a quieter than usual drama? I appreciated how the character of Megumi finally gets some attention, and thought the episode had many impressively realistic moments. In terms of personal enjoyment, however, I have to say that I preferred the previous episodes’ energy.

sora yori 5.1
Megumi gets a bit of a back story
  • I found Megumi’s insecurities believable. When I was younger, I was actually that possessive of my BFF too. I mean, it’s something we could observe since the earliest episodes, and especially after the ED of the last one. Nobody likes being left behind. I like how the anime decided to flesh out and show the dark side of the soft-spoken, nerdy sidekick. It kind of reminds me of what Bakemonogatari did with Tsubasa (they even look alike!).
sora yori 5.2
packing your stuff = adulting!
  • It’s interesting to see how going to Antarctica is linked to becoming more of an adult. In trying to make the best use of their youth, Kimari and her friends are actually transitioning into adulthood. Kimari looks like she still has a long way to go though.
sora yori 5.3
Megumi’s roundabout approach
  • I can see how after this episode, many people would hate her. Rumour-spreaders are the worst, right? It shocked me a little how insecure Megumi was about being left behind. I thought her internal conflict was illustrated well though. The turning away in avoidance, the hesitant pauses and moments of surprise whenever Kimari does something nice that she didn’t think she deserved. And the shot composition too! The above screenshot is just one instance of how it helps frame Megumi’s internal struggle.
sora yori 5.4
when you see your friends partaking in stupid activities
  • Here’s the anime being relatable, again. It’s funny how I can imagine myself as both Shirase (the one going on a rampage with the mic) and as Yuzuki (the one looking down on all her friends). That’s because everything the characters do is something you might actually do in real life if you have friends that you tend to fool around with. Yorimoi does a good job capturing ordinary reactions to day-to-day things.
sora yori 5.5
Dad, what’s with the pillow?
  • Is it just me, or does Kimari’s dad’s face look off every time he appears on screen?
  • Anyways, I thought Kimari has a nice family. They allow her the opportunity of being independent while still being thoughtful and loving. I thought the scene with her sister hugging her in the end was super cute.
sora yori 5.6
Must have been hard putting on that smile
  • This plot twist really took me by surprise. It’s true that I was thinking that it’d be too easy for Megumi to be comforted by Kimari’s clueless display of friendship earlier, but I really didn’t expect her to take any drastic actions.
  • Megumi confesses all the terrible things she did, with earnestness befitting of this anime. I think this anime is distinguished by the feeling of sincerity. It’s the quickest way for your emotions to another person, especially if that person is as ignorant as Kimari.

Despite all the good things about this episode, I found myself feeling ever-so-slightly bored during parts of it. Maybe it’s because Kimari as a character just doesn’t interest me as much. She’s so quintessentially good and pure. Maybe, as well, it’s because I still long for a more vibrant art style. Or just because slow drama in an everyday setting still isn’t my favourite thing in the world. But I do believe the anime is doing everything it should be doing in its genre.

4 thoughts on “[Highlights] Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho 05: Megumi’s Jealousy

  1. Her insecurities were definitely believable but man, she got the balls to come and admit it to her friend and that’s unbelievably unreal!
    Also thank God the melodrama was short.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha…I guess it’s the only way to redeem her within the same episode. In the anime’s straightforward style. I didn’t really mind that, but then I didn’t exactly love this episode either.


  2. I felt like this episode highlighted Megumi’s insecurities in a really believable way, but it also showed that Kimari can be really blind to those closest to her. There were so many hints, not even in this episode but the previous ones as well, but Kimari never noticed them. She was able to pick up on the other girls’ emotional needs, but not her best friend.

    Both need to work on their relationship, so hopefully we’ll get to see them both grow as people one this trip is over.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely! I do hope we’re seeing a little more Megumi than whatever we’re getting at the very end…I don’t think it’ll work if she just shows up at the end to congratulate them when they return. Thanks for commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

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