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[Highlights] Sora yori mo Tooi Basho 04: A Glimpse of the Adults

There’s less hype in this episode than in some of the previous ones, but the quality felt pretty consistent. The episode also shows us that Yorimoi is a cute girls show that really attempts to ground its plot in reality. We get some insight into the girls’ relationship with certain adult figures, as well as info sessions on how an expedition to Antarctica works.

sora yori 4.1
Kimari’s frightening mother
  • I wonder if she bought a ridiculously long carrot or if her family consumes tons of carrot for dinner, but that lady’s been cutting carrots for the whole scene at a rather quick tempo…
  • It’s nice that we finally got to see more of Kimari’s family. I like how Yorimoi is one anime that actually remembers that underage dependents need consent to do certain things…you know, like going to Antarctica. I do feel like the parts with her family weren’t really developed though. We don’t even see how she finally got her mom to approve of the trip. It was mainly there for comedic effect.
sora yori 4.2
dad shuts the door when seeing mom holding ladle hostilely
  • This is probably the only male representation we’ll get in the show. Well, it’s a cute girls (yuri bait) anime after all, so I’d expect as much.

sora yori 4.3

  • Oh wow, they have an actual leader! Shirase’s mom’s friend is rather similar to Shirase in terms of eccentricity, I feel. I look forward to learning more about the character, but am also not expecting a lot on her in this 13 episode anime.
sora yori 4.4
Captain Todo does seem the type
  • The girls unwind.
sora yori 4.5
She later decides she wants to be called the “compasser”
  • Kimari finally has something she’s good at! I’m happy for her.
  • It was nice learning about the tedious processes involved in such expeditions. This anime sure has a lot to teach.
sora yori 4.6
Shirase texts her missing mom
  • So three out of four of the girls (everyone except Hinata so far) have a thing with texting their moms. For Kimari, it’s her connection to the familiarity of regular life. For Yuzuki, it’s an obligation. For Shirase, it’s longing and perhaps loneliness. I think it’s safe to assume that her mom’s dead. In an anime that actually sets out to be realistic, it’s unlikely that someone who’s gone missing in Antarctica for years is still alive. It’s not Made in Abyss with the thrill of going on an adventure to find mom. Going to Antarctica after her mom is more like an empty ideal that pushes Shirase forward when there’s nothing else to relieve her from her sense of loss.

sora yori 4.7

  • And each episode has to end on a classically positive note. All that talk about youth got me pumped up in the first few episodes, but this rather quiet scene didn’t really cut it for me. If Yorimoi is aiming to inspire, it should be a little more original than this.

So that’s it for today! A brief look at an episode again. I wish to get into more in-depth reviews, but that may not be happening anytime soon. Stay tuned though~

2 thoughts on “[Highlights] Sora yori mo Tooi Basho 04: A Glimpse of the Adults

  1. I felt pumped like before, but every time I saw Megumi I just felt bad. I thought we’d see a conclusion with regards to that conflict, but it’s continuing to stretch out which makes me feel even worse.

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