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[Highlights] Violet Evergarden 02: Under Rain or Shine

Still busy as hell…but still ended up watching Violet Evergarden. I don’t think I was as wowed by this episode as the first, but this was definitely still a solid episode.

violet evergarden 5
a typewriter is a powerful weapon
  • Emerging feminism! Taking all into account, this would be something like…the late 19th century?
violet evergarden 6
That expression when somebody agrees to eat yakisoba with you
  • Benedict continues to be cute. I expected him to be more embittered after being rejected so many times, but he’s a gooder soul than I thought.

violet evergarden 7

  • The way Claudia got his name was certainly…kind of sad.
  • I do ship this pair though – they’re like the parents. I always ship the “parents” in an anime with a large cast (though I’m not sure how large this cast would be). The wise people who observe and protect at a distance and are cute together in private. Well, this scene was more like harassment, but we get some insight into their relationship at the end of the episode.
violet evergarden 8
Violet’s room is pretty empty
  • Another image that reminds me that Violet is still a “dog.” She leaves her stuffed animal on the floor, and possibly even plays with it on the floor. I wonder if she still bites it.
violet evergarden 9
That moment when somebody questions the identity of your friend
  • This one really got me to laugh. I found some of the jokes around Violet’s inability to read the atmosphere a little predictable in this episode (like the incident with the love letter), but this one, especially coupled with that perfectly innocent expression, was pure gold.

violet evergarden 10

  • This was visually stunning. I haven’t seen such beautiful rain scenes in a while. I have to say that it beats Koi wa Ameagari no you ni, which is actually about the rain. Pathetic fallacy is such a cliched technique – having it rain when characters are confronting each other and having the sun come out when they’re done. But obviously, it works really well.
  • It was nice that Violet and Erica bonded. I can’t say much about Erica’s personality right now, but she feels like someone who is potentially relatable. I enjoy Erica’s design, and hope to see her develop more.
violet evergarden 11
Pretty pretty lighting!
  • Same, Violet, same! I shall continue with your show.

So that was episode 2! I found some parts more predictable than the first episode, which was gripping throughout, but ep. 2 does show us some more of the cast. Hmm…it’s only going to have 14 episodes? I feel like this should really be a 24-26 episode show. That’s how I generally feel about fantasy anime that introduces its audience to its cast at a slower pace. We’ll see how it goes.

7 thoughts on “[Highlights] Violet Evergarden 02: Under Rain or Shine

  1. It was definitely another solid episode. That scene where she read the loveletter out loud was the best scene from the episode in my opinion 😂😂 Hmm, had not realised it’s going to be only 14 episodes. That really is a shame 😢😢

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