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[Highlights] Sora yori mo Tooi Basho Ep. 2 & 3: More Hype!

I recall saying that I’d do episodic reviews. I tried…but life really sucks and I’m just super stressed about school and my internship right now. Instead, I’ll do these shorter highlight posts to discuss some things that stood out to me during each episode. Visuals ahead.

Ep. 2

sora yori mo 4
Surprise! Hinata is the genius that looks down on us all

sora yori mo 5

  • I’m really digging the motif of texting in this anime. To me, it’s Kimari’s (and later Yuzuki’s) lingering connection with a life of patterns and regularity. Also, both of them text their moms quite a bit. Remaining doubts and a fear of independence?
sora yori mo 6
Love Hinata’s food T-shirts
  • These two are too adorable together. They make an excellent duo. They’re kind of interchangeable so far, but we’ll see about that. My prediction is that Kimari, as the protagonist, is the one with the ability to bring everyone together when conflict arises, while Hinata would be the one with surprise skills/wisdom to save everyone.
sora yori mo 12
!! “MustBe18,” “#seduction”
  • Don’t tell me girls’ magazines actually advertise those jobs? The idea of using the female body as a tool of seduction to obtain something is brought up twice in this episode, and it kind of bothered me. Obviously, our girls are too naive for their own ideas and kind of suck at it, but behind the comedy, it’s still a little disturbing.

Ep. 3

sora yori mo 7
Yuzuki’s POV
  • I’m beginning to form this hypothesis that all of the girls share similar memories that involve haziness under the sun, puddles in an open space, and a sense of regret. That might be kind of neat.
sora yori mo 8
Invading your personal space
  • Ah, here’s the yuri bait. Will it ever not be a bait in this series? I’m starting to think that it’s unlikely.
sora yori mo 9
A quote by Hinata
  • Here it is – Hinata’s quote of the day! She is indeed the fool of this anime who jokes the most but perceives the most. This is also the point when we can really see her distinguish herself from Kimari, I think Hinata’s my favourite character.
sora yori mo 10
rescue of the princess
  • Yuzuki has this dream. It’s a pretty simple dream, but it says a lot about her desire to break free. Or to be rescued, rather? Quite different things, actually.

Overall, Sora yori mo Tooi Basho continues to be funny and energetic, and is advancing towards the girls’ goal at a satisfying pace. All of our girls – including the stubborn Shirase and the friendless Yuzuki – are pleasant people who don’t really stir up more tension than they could have in their interactions with each other. After seeing that Yuzuki and her mom are the reason the girls end up with the permission to go to Antarctica, this anime also becomes a lot more believable.

sora yori mo 11

4 thoughts on “[Highlights] Sora yori mo Tooi Basho Ep. 2 & 3: More Hype!

  1. Hmm, sorry to hear about the fact that you are feeling stressed right now. School is behind me quite a while, but I definitely remember the pressure at times.
    Sometimes, and I know that is more easily said than done, it’s good to also take a few breaks and focus on some fun things. Taking your mind of things that are stressful and turning it to things that you love, can at times really help out. Other than that: belief in yourself. You can do it: it helps to shout that out to yourself!
    Please take care as much you can, and despite all the stress, you still managed to write a great post, so have confidence in that at least! Really hope things will slow down for you soon 😊

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks a lot, Raist! (Do you prefer Raist or Michel?) I doubt it’ll get easier anytime soon, but doing this post was definitely quite fun for me. Your encouragement means a lot to me.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha, honestly I don’t mind either way. Some people call me Raist, some people Michel: it’s all good 😊
        Hmm, no I guess it won’t but there will be a time when it’s all over, and you can breathe easy again. And sometimes that moment comes sooner than you expect it 😊
        As I said, take care: and take enough time to also do some fun stuff, that really does help πŸ˜€

        Liked by 1 person

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